When professionals EVOLVE, students thrive!

If you feel like you are on a solitary, stagnant, or uninspired professional journey, and you are ready to exchange it for the opportunity to GROW…there is one simple way to do it. If you want to evolve your students, evolve the way you professionally develop.


In many ways, this platform is the solution to a problem that I see happening in education over and over again. As a member of the education community for over 25 years, I have been a part of a system that devalues educators, therapists, tutors, coaches, parents — basically anyone who supports students. At the same time, it is seemingly impossible to find easy access to evidence-based approaches, new ideas, and essential personal and professional development. My journey has been mine, and I have found a way to develop my teaching and tutoring while celebrating students, my work, and myself — and I am dedicated to evolving all of this.

What I am interested in creating here is a platform for participants – interested in GROWTH. This means every time you sign in, you may feel a little wow’d or uncomfortable. You may feel brave and share your ideas, even challenging or questioning what you read or experience. You might change your mind, hear a new perspective, share yours, gain a friend or a colleague. You are invited to see yourself differently – not “just” a teacher, a tutor, a therapist, a social worker, a parent, or a coach, but a professional with his/her/their own knowledge, experience, and ideas to foster and share.

The beauty of this opportunity is that it provides access to both research and “boots on the ground” ideas as well as collaboration and comradery. Any teacher or professional who works with students will tell you just how much they create, experiment, and try in their career, and how much the support of others means to them. We do not do enough to listen to each other and to gain knowledge from each other. I hope to change all of that with the work in this platform.

At a time when education is changing and the landscape could not be more diverse and isolating, we have created an opportunity to support one another; championing each other into what is possible — not only for us as professionals, not only for our students who need us so very much, but for the possibility to re-define and claim the power of the work we do with children — as the most valuable, the most interesting, and the most important we can do.

I look forward to seeing you inside, hearing your ideas, and watching you GROW and EVOLVE.

Warmest Regards,

Mary Miele
Founder of The Evolved Education Teaching School.

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Our Platform

A Special Community

The Evolved Education Teaching School is a paid membership community offering professionals the opportunity for GROWTH. It is our mission to EVOLVE people who work with students so that they can support students as well as possible. We do this by providing an avenue for knowledge, connectedness, and contribution, ultimately amplifying the gifts from our community – increasing our collective impact and continuously leveling up the support we provide to the students we serve.

We have four values:

We prioritize the knowledge from our research community and welcome the ideas of our members in their pursuit to enact evidence-based approaches as well as new, innovative ideas that meet student needs.

Self-care and professional development go hand in hand to elevate and evolve members of the group into thriving people who support students well.

Experts are also learners; we can share our knowledge and be humbled to learn and grow at the same time. There is always room for GROWTH.

Our leadership is responsive to the feedback and needs of the community. We are in a state of growth and evolution too and are open to the changes this community may endeavor as we seek ways to support our members to EVOLVE so they can support students well.

What do we do at the Teaching School?

Our community is engaged in virtual sessions, get-togethers, and learning which is sourced from members of our community. We celebrate innovation, connection and leadership, which we define in the following ways:


Innovation to us is not necessarily something groundbreaking within our field, but it can be. We believe innovation happens when a professional steps out of their comfort zone and into their growth zone.


To us, connection is essential to our continued innovation and leadership. By sharing what we know and what we experience, we can realize the power of stepping out of our silos and the impact the community has on our careers and those we serve.


To us, leadership is encouraging members to showcase their expertise. When we hold space for those in our community to voice their knowledge and solutions, we are providing a path for our colleagues to innovate their own way forward and share that experience.

Our goal is for this community to support each other in the ways we innovate, connect and demonstrate leadership. We do this by sharing our knowledge and experiences with our community.


In June through October, we will be inviting our founding members to the Teaching School.

In October, we will open the school up for paid membership. Our initial annual dues are $147 or four easy payments of $44 each, charged over four months, and recurring annually. 

If you are interested in learning more about joining our school, please email us at hello@evolveded.com.


I am a tutor and therefore, professional development opportunities are few and far between. I joined the founding members of The Teaching School in order to gain access to learning that connected to my work as a tutor. This community has exceeded my expectations. The content is excellent. Additionally, I am eager to gain more income and share my work by teaching courses in the community.

— Josiah S.

I am a team member in the Teaching School. I am particularly excited to bring this community to people who support students worldwide because I know that there are professionals who want to grow and become even better at what they do. Since leaving the classroom, it has been up to me to find ways to stay informed and connected, and this platform allows me to do both — quite easily.

— Samantha C.

I have a background in social work and as a founding member of the Teaching School, I am eager to not only learn from the community but also to share my experience and perspective with related professionals. Where else can a social worker dialogue with a tutor and a therapist about executive functioning or writing development or parent communication?

This is truly a fascinating opportunity and one I am thrilled to be a part of!

— Yaari T.