The Teaching School

The Teaching School is an online, members-only platform that provides parents, caregivers, and educators with exclusive content developed to help you support a child in your life. 

Nested within The Teaching School are our two current courses: NYC Schools, which helps people navigate the expansive and compcliated process of applying to private or public schools in NYC, as well as a Collaborative and Proactive Solutions course that helps parents learn about a non-punitive non-adversarial approach to communicating and problem-solving with children. 


Our Courses

The NYC Schools Membership is right for you if –

• a young family looking to understand the public and private school systems in NYC

• a NYC family who needs to learn about ways to navigate a transition such as the start of kindergarten, middle or high school

• a family looking to move to NYC and understand school options

• a parent with a student with special needs who wants to learn proven roadmaps and resources

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Evolved Education Company’s Virtual Advisement will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to raise your child to learn well.

The NYC Schools Platform is a members-only website that eliminates the guesswork from the school application process. In each of the modules, I give you the tools via videos and worksheets to assess not only what your child needs from a school – teaching philosophy, homework amount, tutoring culture – but also what your family needs from a school – cost, location, parent culture. After you develop a deep and nuanced understanding of what kind of school you’re actually looking for, I provide you with the tools to find and target that best-fit school.
The platform provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to efficiently research schools, provides a timeline for the application process, maps of schools by NYC-neighborhood, as well as tips on the actual application itself – interviewing, essay-writing, thank-you letter writing, test-prep and beyond.
For a monthly membership fee, the NYC Schools platform is also responsive: each week, I put out a weekly broadcast on application updates and answer previously submitted questions.

Within this program, you will have lifetime access to:

• Public and private education system roadmaps for 2s, prek, kindergarten, middle and high school transitions and admissions cycles

• Proven organizational systems to manage your school research and admissions processes

 Time saving tips and resources to support you as  you parent in NYC schools

• Special education resources and roadmaps

Monthly digitized resources provide relevant content and tips to ensure you have a ‘no regrets process’ in NYC Schools planning.

Please learn more here

Uncover the philosophies of the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model, a research-based, non-adversarial, non-punitive approach to communicating with your children.

In this course you will learn the six key themes of CPS, reframe your child’s behavior, and understand the CPS tools and make plans to collaborate with your child.

In each of the four video modules, I discuss the six key themes, common language, and the tools and plans used in the CPS model. After you have an understanding of the philosophies, I will teach you how to think about and set realistic expectations for your children and family using the expectation reflection worksheet.
At the cost of $185 for lifelong membership, you will also receive a complimentary 15 minute phone call with me to discuss any questions you have after you have taken the course. You can learn more about the course here.


Who knew there is so much to know about NYC’s education choices and systems. The sheer thought of navigating through it all was very overwhelming and the more people you speak with, the more information you receive. Not all of it always correct. I Knew I needed something more- a professional partner to help plan my son’s education plan. I came across Evolved’s platform.  I found the tutorials and resources included to be of great value. I was also able to consult with the team. I finally felt at ease and well informed. I would highly recommend this platform to any parent wishing to learn about NYC Schools.