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Our bite-sized digital courses and resources deliver information about the NYC education system, the CPS communication model, and your child's development all while saving you precious time and countless missteps. 

Our Courses

If you are-

• a young family looking to understand the public and private school systems in NYC 

• a NYC family who needs to learn about ways to navigate a transition such as the start of kindergarten, middle or high school

• a family looking to move to NYC and understand school options

• a parent with a student with special needs who wants to learn proven roadmaps and resources

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how Evolved Education Company’s Virtual Advisement will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to raise your child to learn well.

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Within this program, you will have lifetime access to:

• Public and private education system roadmaps for 2s, prek, kindergarten, middle and high school transitions and admissions cycles

• How to research schools

• Proven organizational systems to manage your school research and admissions processes

 Time saving tips and resources to support you as  you parent in NYC schools

• Special education resources and roadmaps

Monthly digitized resources provide relevant content and tips to ensure you have a 'no regrets process' in NYC Schools planning.

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NYC Public High School Advisement Small Group

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We'll meet on Zoom from 8 pm-9 pm EST Weekly (for students and parents)

Week by Week Plan


  • Your Wish List- we will teach you how to make this and give you time to write yours out.
  • My Schools - we'll be sure you are familiar with how to use this search to find schools to add to your research list
  • Questions to Ask at Events - we'll give you time to create these
  • Open Houses and Information - we'll share resources for you to find out about open houses and information on school events


  • Research - We will teach you five ways to research a NYC public school
  • Common Screens and How to Succeed with Them - We'll talk about the screens we are seeing published today and how your student can prepare


  • We'll give further information about the ways students are preparing for screened schools.
  • School highlights - we'll share some of the schools we are researching to broaden your reach

2/1 & 2/8

  • Q and A - we'll target student's questions about where they are at this point in the process
  • We'll share some insight into even more schools
  • We'll talk about how to prepare for notification dates


Uncover the philosophies of the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model, a research-based, non-adversarial, non-punitive approach to communicating with your children.

In this course you will learn the six key themes of CPS, reframe your child's behavior, and understand the CPS tools and make plans to collaborate with your child.

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Launching in January 2021, the Learn Well modules will guide parents of 2s-high school students on how to address their children's learning needs.




Who knew there is so much to know about NYC's education choices and systems. The sheer thought of navigating through it all was very overwhelming and the more people you speak with, the more information you receive. Not all of it always correct. I Knew I needed something more- a professional partner to help plan my son's education plan. I came across Evolved's platform.  I found the tutorials and resources included to be of great value. I was also able to consult with the team. I finally felt at ease and well informed. I would highly recommend this platform to any parent wishing to learn about NYC Schools.

I'm a NYC parent who knows Mary and her team through my work. We were looking for kindergarten placement for our child and found the Evolved Education Teaching School's NYC Schools Platform to cover important information to learn about the admissions process. We recommend this course to parents who are looking for information about the NYC school system, especially as it pertains to the more nuanced details you might overlook. This course not only shows you what to look for but also delivers where to find the information and how to decipher what everything means. It helped us tremendously in determining our plans. We used her special education resources as well, taking advantage of her 1-1 consultations to explore our child's needs and develop an educational plan. We are so impressed by Mary and Evolved Education- her breadth of knowledge is vast, and the recommendations are genuine and tailored to fit your individual needs. The service is top-notch, and time saved is truly invaluable. - Jamie H. 

The CPS course was incredible. I have learned so much about how to communicate with my child and all on my own time. When I was done watching the course, I made my husband watch it too, and now we are both on the same page about where we want our family communication to go. We are so grateful to Becky for making this course and for Evolved for making it accessible whenever works for us.   - Min J.