For Parents - 

Join us on YouTube and Facebook Lives to Learn How to Support Yourself and Your Children!


Join us on You Tube to explore "How to Be".

The "How to Be" Series is a set of video interviews I am doing with parents to learn how they are being during this time. For each interview, I cover a set of questions ranging from - how are you to what are your current highs and lows to what parenting tools are working for you right now. The aim of the project is two-fold - to educate each other on "How to Be" and to support parents in our wider community during this challenging time to celebrate their efforts and support their challenges - just as we do for our students here at Evolved. 
You can find my first interview with my mom right here

I really appreciate your support with this project and I hope that you can benefit from hearing from other parents who are walking a similar walk to you. Evolved is here for you as a resource. We've got this!

For Students - Pre-Nursery Through College.

Mary Miele and her children are providing daily morning meetings and messages for students to keep them in a solid planning routine even during downtime and online learning.

A one time only $10 for each program provides this daily service for however long we run it. This is a one time fee for each program you sign up for and we'll also be donating a portion of that fee to medical research - to help others affected by infectious diseases.

For Younger Students, they will enjoy having the consistency of their classroom Morning Meeting. This meeting will be sent to you via email each morning by 9 AM EST. You will also receive a PDF Planning Sheet that your student can fill out.

For ALL Students, they will enjoy our Daily PDF Planning Worksheet as well as our Creativity Challenge. We are trying to promote awareness around video game addition and so we want to help students to make plans for their day and encourage them to find activities that do not have to do with playing video games. If students wish, they can email us to share their creative ideas. Students will inspire each other to be creative and spend time off of video games. 

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Each service requires its own subscription as well as a one time $10 contribution, which is paid via Pay Pal (link is in the confirmation email).

We are donating a portion of all proceeds to medical research which supports work to improve the lives of those affected by infectious diseases.


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  • FUNdamental Movement is a program developed by Scott and Erin Benson. This husband and wife team created a program to provide children with movement education that provides skills for life.  Erin is a professional dancer and owner of EDB Method Pilates and Holistic Health in Manhattan and she loves to share her passion for movement, fitness, and dance with young children.  Scott is a Physical Education teacher in the NYC public schools.  Scott has a Masters Degree in PE for grades preK-12.  Scott was a collegiate athlete and has a strong passion for giving children the opportunity to explore movement and fitness in new ways. The FUNdamental Movement program offers children a wide variety of athletic, fitness, dance, and functional movement activities to give them skills that will allow them to gain confidence, increase coordination, gain strength, and develop team-building skills as young people. These skills cross over into many life activities and offer children the opportunity to be active and healthy.





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