Special Programs

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Special Programs at Evolved Education aim to prepare students from K-12 in New York City during specific times of the school year.

Please check this page for updates and future special programs.

February - April 2020

ELA and Math State Exam Assessment and Instruction for Students in Grades 3 through 8. As a reminder to NYC families, these state tests in grades 4 and 7 influence middle and high school admissions to public schools. To learn more about how we consult with families during any school admissions process, please book a 15-minute call with us to learn more.

Two Service Options:

Mock Test & Debrief Session with Evolved Educator

Do you want to check-in and see how your child will perform on these exams?

Do you wish for your child to meet with a teacher to review the results and learn key ways to improve?

If so, then this is the service for you!

  • Students take an abridged version of the ELA and Math Exam (approximately 1 hour each) at the Evolved Office on a Saturday or Sunday morning beginning at 9 am in February or March 2020.
  • Students are carefully proctored in a small group. Feedback contains information about how the student performed on the exam and also how they attended and managed themselves while taking the exam.
  • Following the mock exam, the tests are hand graded by an educator using the state grading rubrics.
  • Students and their parents (optional) are invited to meet for a 30-minute session with an Evolved Educator following the exam in order to debrief and learn from the feedback. This session can be conducted at our office or via video conference and is included in the fee for this service.
  • Fee: $385

Apply here to Register for the Mock Exam Service.

Tutoring (in-home or in the office) with materials for practice

Do you want your child to learn ways to take these exams from educators who know the exams and have the expertise for how to assess and teach students?

Do you wish your child to have customized preparation for these exams which is delivered by a professional tutor?

Do you need materials for your child to practice in between each session?

If so, then this service is for you!

  • Students meet with Evolved tutors who are educators and who have specific knowledge regarding the NYS exams to learn how to improve their scores on the ELA and Math exams
  • Materials are provided to help students to practice in between sessions
  • There is a minimum of four sessions for our tutoring for these exams
  • Sessions can take place in-home or at our office - the fee is the same for either location
  • Our tutoring clients will also receive a complimentary, 15-minute call to discuss educational planning with our client service administrator, Stephanie Sklar. This ensures our clients are prepared for their educational planning at any stage from grade 3 through 8.

Apply here to Register for Tutoring Services. Fees are discussed during our intake call following the submission of your application.