Special Education Advocacy Services

Evolving the way you natigate your child’s education.

If your child has a learning issue or has an upcoming evaluation or IEP meeting, then do not go this alone. Our group of advocates will support you through this often confusing and emotional experience so that your child is set up for success and so that you are fully informed and supported.

The service is simple, book an hour on either Becky or Mary’s calendar. Pay for the session using our Paypal link.

An advocacy session works like this:

First 20 minutes: You tell us what is going on. Share what teachers are saying, what you are seeing and any testing you have done so far.

Second 20 minutes: We process with you what is going on and ask you questions to find out what you may want to do about your child’s issue.

Third 20 minutes: We action an initial plan with you based on knowing something about the issue, what your options are and the expertise we bring to this solution-finding experience.

Following the call, we share our meeting notes with you so that you have a record of your plan. Fee: $385.00

  • This booking feature is under construction, so for the time being, please book a 15-minute call with Stephanie to set up this service.

Book your call here.