A common school entry point for students in the Tri-State region is Middle School, where we see many families contemplating the abundance of educational paths available, including public, private, and boarding school options. Students in the middle entry years are newly emerging as stakeholders in their education, so placement work involves engagement and preparation with the student, as well as support for parents throughout the process. 

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Middle School, High School, Boarding School Placement

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What services do we provide?

  • Best-fit school list creation: We meet with your child to understand where they are developmentally and gain insight to their learning style. We also meet with parents to understand your educational goals for your child and create a wishlist for your child’s future school. From there, we use our resources and expertise on schools to determine a list of schools that will be the best fit for your child and family. 
  • Mindprint Learning Assessment: During this self-paced assessment, developed by Penn Medicine with a grant from the NIH, students go through a series of game-like tasks that measure the 10 cognitive skills that are predictors of academic success. Afterwards, parents will debrief the results with the Head of Tutor Services and discuss a plan for support (typically, standardized test preparation) moving forward.
  • Save Time and Inefficiencies: Through our customized system, we provide you with a proprietary organizational tool to catalogue all your school requirements, events, and deadlines to ensure you stay on track throughout the process and complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Parent Application Materials: We provide guidance on parent application materials to help you highlight your child and family’s strengths, as well as speak authentically about challenges your child faces as a learner. We provide editing assistance to ensure your writing pieces are polished and ready for school review.
  • Parent and Child Interview Preparation: We prepare parents for the interview portion of the application process to ensure you are prepared. In addition, we also work with and prepare children to meet with school admissions staff, whether the process is online or in-person.
  • Collaboration with Schools: We work closely with admissions directors at many schools to deeply understand admission requirements and to advocate for your child throughout the process.
  • School Offers: We will work closely with you as you make decisions to be certain you are choosing the right school for your child for several years to come.
  • Streamlining Additional Services: If your child could benefit from tutoring, standardized test preparation or you have an additional parenting need, Evolved Education Company can streamline the process for you and connect you with one of our experienced tutors or advisors.

What are the service options available?

  • Student Evaluation, School Information and Strategy
  • Reviewing and Completing Applications
  • Customize Your Support, Monthly
  • Full Process, Full Year

Who are the school placement advisors for middle school entry?

You are matched with the advisor who is best suited to answer your specific questions. Mary Miele advises families from nursery through high school, and Randi Dumont specializes in middle and high school placement, as well as junior and secondary boarding school.

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How do I sign up for this service or learn more?

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  • Abraham Joshua Heschel School (NY)
  • The Allen-Stevenson School (NY)
  • Avenues World School (NY)
  • Bank Street for Children (NY)
  • The Berkeley Carroll School (NY)
  • The Birch Wathen Lenox School (NY)
  • Blue School (NY)
  • The Brearley School (NY)
  • The British International School (NY)
  • Brooklyn Friends School (NY)
  • Brooklyn Montessori School (NY)
  • The Browning School (NY)
  • The Buckley School (NY)
  • Brunswick School (CT)
  • The Bryn Mawr School (MD)
  • The Caedmon School (NY)
  • The Calhoun School (NY)
  • The Chapin School (NY)
  • The City and Country School (NY)
  • Collegiate School (NY)
  • Columbia Preparatory and Grammar School (NY)
  • Convent of the Sacred Heart (NY)
  • Corlears School (NY)
  • The Dalton School (NY)
  • Elisabeth Irwin High School (NY)
  • Ethical Culture (NY)
  • The Fieldston School (NY)
  • Friends Academy (NY)
  • Friends Seminary (NY)
  • Garden School (NY)
  • Grace Church School (NY)
  • Greenpoint Montessori School Museum Mile (NY)
  • Greenwich Academy (CT)
  • Greenwich Country Day School (CT)
  • The Hackley School (NY)
  • The Harvey School (NY)
  • The Hewitt School (NY)
  • The Horace Mann School (NY)
  • Kent Place School (NJ)
  • King School (CT)
  • Little Red Schoolhouse (NY)
  • Loyola School (NY)
  • Lycee Francais de New York (NY)
  • Manhattan Country Day School (NY)
  • Master’s School (NY)
  • Marymount School of New York (NY)
  • Montclair Kimberly Academy (NJ)
  • The Nightingale-Bamford School (NY)
  • Oakwood School (CA)
  • Packer Collegiate School (NY)
  • Pingry School (NJ)
  • Poly Prep Country Day School (NY)
  • Portledge School (NY)
  • Ramaz School (NY)
  • The Riverdale Country Day School (NY)
  • The Rodeph Sholom School (NY)
  • The Ross School (NY)
  • Rye Country Day School (NY)
  • Sacred Heart Greenwich (CT)
  • Saint Ann’s School (NY)
  • Saint David’s School (NY)
  • The Spence School (NY)
  • Speyer Legacy School (NY)
  • St. Andrew’s School (FL)
  • St. Bernard’s School (NY)
  • St. Luke’s School (NY)
  • The Studio School (NY)
  • The Town School (NY)
  • The Trevor Day School (NY)
  • Trinity School (NY)
  • United Nations International School (UNIS)
  • Village Community School (NY)
  • Wetherby-Pembridge School (NY)
  • York Prep School (NY)