Privacy Policy

  • What data is collected. Evolved collects names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and IP addresses. We collect information about our customers’ interests and purchase histories as well as demographic information such as their location, children's ages and schools they attend.
  • How data is being collected. Online forms are used to enter email details for newsletters and credit card data for invoices are collected and used as intended. Data collection using cookies and other trackers placed on the visitor’s computer browser is intended to understand what content our users are visiting and accessing on our website.
  • What you are doing with the data.  We use customer data in order to provide services for our clients. We also use it to inform our business and website content. We do not share customer data with affiliates or service providers, sell data we collect to business partners, or allow marketers or others to collect data on our site. We store data until clients ask us to delete it in writing - via email to
  • How customers can control their data. Point of contact at your business – is Here you can change passwords, unsubscribe from mailing lists, close accounts, or complain if there’s a problem.
  • How you protect the data. We protect information and client data with strong data integrity and security measures.