Raising a school-aged child is not easy.

There is so much to learn about including educational concepts, curriculum, and school policies. Additionally, your unique child presents with their own brain, temperament, strengths, and challenges which influence their learning experience. Sometimes, you benefit from speaking with a learning specialist, experienced teacher, and parent who can offer you time to process your experience and offer strategies you can take right away and implement – improving your child’s ability to learn.

Who is this service for?

This service is for parents of school-aged children – if your child is in a school setting, you can benefit from this service (2 yrs and up).

What is a session like?

When you sign up, you write in what you want to talk about on the intake form (tell us as much as you can, but we can also help you extract this during our call).

During the hour-long call, we unpack the areas you wish to discuss through questions we ask and anecdotes you share.

We offer strategies you can put into action right away to improve your child’s overall learning experience.

Following the session, you receive a note covering the content of our call, further resources, and strategies.

Who meets with me for this call?

Mary Miele and Becky Reback, both learning specialists, experienced classroom teachers, and parents are conducting these services at this time.

Can I have more than one session?

Yes absolutely! You can book as many sessions as you wish!

How do I sign up and get this service?

  1. Click below to register online and pay for the session ($1,000 for approximately 3 hours of consultant time – prep, zoom, follow up).
  2. Your consultant will contact you to set up your session.