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Parent Education Consulting


Maybe you’re making the switch from public to private schools but you have no idea where to start. Maybe your child is struggling to read and no strategies are working. Or maybe your family is fighting more than ever, and you’re at your wit’s end.

 Evolved Education’s trained consultants have you covered.

Whether you need Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Consulting,  School System Debrief, or Academic Analysisyou will walk away from these highly-customized sessions with concrete answers and implementable strategies. 

 This time is for you: No judgement, and no limits.

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions – One-to-one Consulting

Having trouble communicating as a family?

When a child is struggling, communication is often the first thing to break down. As a result, caregivers are left feeling confused, frustrated, and unsure of how to repair the relationship. Effective problem solving is key to developing and maintaining strong relationships.

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) is a research-based, non-punitive, non-adversarial approach to communicating with children. Founded by Dr. Ross Greene, CPS is based on the idea that challenging behavior occurs when the expectations being placed on the kid is greater than the kid’s abilities to meet those expectations and respond adaptively. In this model, problem solving is a collaborative partnership between adults and children.

Work with Becky Reback, a certified CPS provider, as she coaches you how to use these tools effectively and independently.  

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Collaborative and Proactive Solutions –  The Digital Course

Join our online platform and learn how to reframe the way you think about challenging or concerning behavior in your child so you can move away from solving problems with conflict and start solving problems collaboratively.

 Working through the modules on your own time, you will learn the six key themes, common language, and the tools and plans used in the CPS model. After you have an understanding of the philosophies, you will learn how to think about and set realistic expectations for your children and family using the expectation reflection worksheet.

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School System Debrief

Overwhelmed by school choice?

With thousands of schools in NYC, we know picking the best school for your child is overwhelming. 

In this consultation, learn the ins and outs of Private vs. Public School Options or Special Education School Placement, in order to determine what option is best for your child. 

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Academic Analysis

What is your child’s current academic aptitude? 

There are many pieces to the educational puzzle, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is working or what is not.

In our Academic Analysis Consulting, we will discover how your child’s brain works either through an independent neurospsych evaluation or Evolved’s own evaluation led by an educational expert.

Armed with this understanding, we will comb through 
your child’s school or home experience to see what elements could be replaced or adapted in order to help your child make tangible progress in meeting their academic potential.