Our Services

Evolved Education is a holistic tutoring and education consulting company which offers support for students from pre-nursery school through college.

We provide the following services:


Our one-to-one tutoring programs are staffed with tutors who are highly educated professionals in varied disciplines. Based on the child's goals we construct a program that maximizes the student's potential.

Test Preparation and Mock Testing

Test preparation is offered as 1-1 tutoring or through selective online courses.

Mock tests help us to gauge where a child is at and help us to create a personalized program. We provide mock testing and preparation for

  • G & T (NNAT, OLSAT)
  • ISEE (primary, lower, middle, upper level)
  • SSAT (lower, middle, upper levels) Selective Public School Entrance Exams
  • NYS ELA and Math Exams
  • Hunter High School Entrance Exam
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests

Educational Advocacy

Our team of certified special education teachers provides general advocacy and referral information to all families experiencing difficulties related to their child’s academic education. We work collaboratively with education lawyers, accompany families to schools to ensure that our clients have proper advice through their process.

Academic Analysis and Consultation

When something is troubling you about your child's performance in school we can help. Our goal in academic analysis and consultation is to help your whole child by looking at their academic and social-emotional development.

If you have begun the evaluation process we can help you interpret the results and create a strategic plan to help support your child in school (accommodation in the classroom)/out of school (one-to-one tutoring).

If you need assistance finding the right evaluators we have access to top psychologists in the field.

We offer analysis (via top-notch neuropsychologists), research, advice, and strategic planning as you investigate how to help your child best learn. We then create a comprehensive program to help your child achieve their goals. 

School Placement Consulting

Our strong relationships with the private school community help families to make important decisions related to school choice. Our aim is to help each child be educated in the environment which will best fit them and maximize their potential.

Private School Admissions Placement

  • Nursery School
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Special Education

Financial Aid Advisement

We support families to learn about this process and how to access aid.

Off-Cycle and Relocation Services for Private School Admissions

We work with families who are moving to NYC from other states in U.S. or abroad to educate them on the complex admissions processes and help them find the best-fit school for their child and family. We customize our consultations based on our understanding of the child and the family's needs.

Selective Public School Admissions Placement

We help families learn about their child's fit for each school. The creation of a strategic plan enables each student to maximize their opportunities for the ideal placement within the fast-changing landscape of public school admissions.

Education on Public vs. Private School Placement or Other Admissions Processes

We provide families with private consultations aimed to teach them about school data, application processes, and tests so that they can be informed participants in their child's educational journey.

Speaking Engagements

Our founder Mary Miele is available to share her expertise and speak about topics in education. Mary presents at corporations, schools and parent groups. Her approach is customized to the needs of the group.