Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Anti-racist: those who speak and act in ways that advance racial equity in society; the act of interrupting racism.

I fully support our tutors, consultants and clients who are engaging in ongoing dialogue and study to unpack and understand how we are racist and how we support racist policies within the tutoring and consulting space. I invite real and actionable conversations about what Black people have experienced within education and especially in tutoring and consulting. Evolved is committed to combating systemic racism, and I am holding us accountable. I will continue to actively listen, critically read, develop partnerships, and adapt our policies to better live up to our stated values as a visibly, vocally, structurally anti-racist institution. This will not be a one time measure or a perfect process, but rather an ongoing aspect of our work as a company. I look forward to the evolution that I know we can achieve which will empower Black tutors, consultants, families and students to access the promise of our mission - to ensure students learn well. - Mary Miele, Founder of the Evolved Education Company

Black lives matter. The events of the Spring of 2020 have caused us to act to eradicate systemic racism in ways we had not prior.

The schools we support and champion are working toward important anti-racist policies that not only review and change the curriculum being taught but also unpack, understand, and evaluate the ways students of color experience their education. We who support students within tutoring and consulting have much to do. We can spend time reading, watching, listening, and learning. We can study what schools are doing and understand their anti-racist work- and we can share this information with our families as part of our consultation work. We can recognize when the curriculum is racist and help our students to have anti-racist tutoring experiences.  We can include more people of color in our work and reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive work environment. We can take thoughtful actions toward sustained change within our sector of education. There is much we can do.

We will periodically update this page to provide our clients, partners, teachers, tutors, and consultants with information on how we are doing this work. Should you have any insight for us, we welcome your feedback here.

How we are Evolving


We are naming and recognizing our privilege. We are owning our part in the systemic racism which exists within education and within the private tutoring and consulting space.


We are engaged in reading and learning about racism. We are okay with the discomfort which comes from conflict and difficult topics of conversation. We are committed to being involved in ongoing education for our tutors to learn about racism within the curriculum and school systems.

Our leadership is engaged in book studies and business partnership anti-racist talks.



We are expanding our network to include a diverse group of like-minded businesses, educators, and clients.

We are committed to building a company that includes the work and perspectives of a diverse group. We feel diversity and inclusion within our company allows us to be Evolved.