What is the “NYC Schools Membership Platform?”

NYC Schools Platform is a members-only website that teaches families about the private and public system of education in NYC. “NYC Schools Platform” is your hands-on guide to finding your best-fit school.

What do members learn on the site?

  • How to research schools
  • Ways to create a school “wish list.”
  • Specific ways to learn about schools
  • School lists
    • Comprehensive 2s/nursery program list
    • A private school list
    • District 2 school lists
  • Tutorials on the admissions process
    • 2s programs
    • Nursery/PreKindergarten
    • Kindergarten
    • Middle School
    • High School

Families can also access our weekly Q & A link where they can submit questions that are answered in weekly email broadcasts and/or attend bi-weekly office hours provided by Mary Miele and EEC School Advisors during the admissions season.

How often is the content on NYC Schools Updated?

EEC Advisors are constantly adding material to the platform in our efforts to teach current admissions practices and to offer our families the best tips to ensure their success.

We formally update the modules at the start of each announced process. So, in August, we start to update the private school modules and once the DOE updates their processes for public school, we add that into those modules.

What is the fee for membership and how long does it last?

The fee is $350 + tax and membership lasts for one year. There is full access to all modules, so members can work through a nursery school process as well as a high school process.

What if I join and I don’t like the platform?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for the membership, so please be sure to register with confidence that it will meet your needs.

How soon after registering can I access the platform?

As soon as you pay, you will receive your login details. Most of the school lists are in shared Google Docs format, so at times there is a bit of a delay in sharing materials with new members, but we aim to be as responsive as possible.

What are other ways your company offers support for the NYC School process?

EEC offers private school placement advisement. We work with families during the process to support them from start to finish.

We also have parent education consulting which is an hourly service where families book an hour with us and learn about any aspect of their educational planning or education process.
Our tutoring services provide 1-1 support from educational experts in every subject area as well as in standardized test preparation.

What if I have questions before I sign up?

If you have any questions about the NYC Schools Membership Platform, please email us at info@evolveded.com and we will get back to you right away!