Meet Our Team

Having an exceptional team of tutors and consultants has always been my ambition because I know that having the best possible educator to work with is paramount to having excellent support – and I want my families to have the very best.

Mary Miele – CEO, Education Consultant N-12, Learning Specialist – Middle School

The leader and visionary of EEC. “Evolving the way we tutor, support parents, develop tutors, and find best-fit schools are necessary and I’m a prime example of the benefits of this company. Its mission and services have helped me to navigate my own children’s education and my parenting of them. I am always thinking about parents and what I can provide to make their job supported and more successful.” – Mary Miele

Stephanie Sklar – Head of Client Services and Onboarding

Who you will speak with first! Stephanie is a parent and an advocate for students to be their very best selves during their school-aged years. She wants to know about your child and about how we can support you! 

Becky Reback – Head of Tutoring and Parent Coaching, Parent Advocate, Education Planner and School Placement Advisor, Member of the Evolved Education Company Teaching School Leadership

No matter what service you have here, you are bound to meet Becky! Becky’s wide range of expertise and experience allow her to lead tutors, support parents and create meaningful coaching experiences. 

Jana Ulanoff – Tutor and School Admissions Student Preparation Specialist

Ensuring our students are embraced and instructed. Jana tutors a myriad of subjects and ages. She also is the expert when it comes to preparing students for the private school process from nursery through high school.

Samantha Chau – Early Childhood, Elementary School Tutor and Member of the Evolved Education Company Teaching School Leadership

Innovating and interacting with students and educators. Sam is creative and always bringing evidence-based instructional methodologies into her carefully orchestrated tutoring lessons.

Spencer Moravek – Tutor and Executive Functioning Specialist

Mentoring and empowering each and every one of his students to be their very best – holistically. Spencer digs deep with students and wants them to have an understanding of their brains, their emotions, and their strategies in order to evolve them into successful, confident learners who grab at the opportunity to use their strengths. 

Laura Winters – Tutor and Writing Specialist

A writing wizard! Laura not only prepares students for standardized tests, but she can help them to craft writing that connects and inspires. Her range of knowledge and experience allows her to support many subjects and employ versatility within her work with students. 

Randi Dumont – Middle and High School Placement Advisor

Building an understanding of your child, your family, and your educational goals – Randi brings her expertise within admissions work and schools not only in NYC but also in the Northeastern USA to her families to ensure they have the best-fit school list, exemplary applications, and full support during the entire process.