During our Summer Course, At-Home-School Educators will work through specific approaches and strategies to ensure their success during their 2020-2021 school year.

This course is constructed and led by our founder, Mary Miele. Mary is a veteran educator with experience in teaching nursery through high school. She specializes in creating customized at-home-school programs which support the comprehensive and holistic education of children, in partnership with families and schools.

Her innovative course prepares educators to meet the unique circumstances and challenges they will face in changing their perspective and approach to conduct "at-home-schooling" during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about this course, Mary invites educators to attend an interactive Webinar on Tuesday, June 2nd from 8-9pm EST. During this webinar, Mary outlines the course and answers specific questions from the audience.

Registration for the webinar is here. 

Course Details

Synchronous LIVE ZOOM meetings and small group break out sessions will be conducted on July 13, July 14 and July 15th from  7:30 - 9:00 pm EST LIVE ZOOM

+ Asynchronous Videos and Work will be provided via our Google Classroom and this work will take longer than the three days LIVE section of the course.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Personalized Intake

Mary will intake each member of the course to learn about the strengths and areas of professional challenge as it relates to At-Home-Schooling and each educator's student.

She will customize the following modules to meet the specific needs of the group.

Module 2: Planning

During this module, educators will learn about key areas of planning work needed to make the at-home-schooling a success. Information covered may include the following:

  • Laws to follow
  • Paperwork systems to set up
  • Holistic intake and assessment
  • Curriculum maps
  • Lesson planning
  • Executive functioning and independence
  • Family partnerships

Module 3: Perspective Shifts and Skills to Conduct At-Home-Schooling

In these lessons and experiences, educators will shift their perspective from classroom and school-based learning to at-home and during pandemic learning. Key concepts and skills will be explored and developed:

  • At-home learning
  • Individualized and personalized instruction
  • Ideas for the social, emotional and physical development of students
  • Family work & what will be needed
  • Motivation and connection during 1-1 work
  • What ifs and the importance of on-going support

Module 4: Action (with Support) 

During this module, teachers will get to work on the first month of the school's plans. They will be supported in implementing the concepts presented in Module 1, 2 and 3. Collectives will be formed and support will be provided as needed.

  • Academic planning
  • Social, emotional and physical development ideas
  • Family specific goals are addressed
  • Student specific assessments are resourced and planned out


Educators may register here for the course and collective. Fee: $1500.00 all materials and resources included.