Evolving the way you navigate your child’s education.

The landscape of education is vast, especially in the Tri-State area and most especially in NYC. Thus, our education planning service aims to teach families about the educational plans they can make for their child and family, categorically speaking.

What does this service teach?Β 

Each session is completely customized to cover what you want to learn about.

Our most popular topics include:

  • what is the difference between public and private educational systems?
  • when should I start my child’s school?
  • what types of schools are available in my area and what does the educational jargon mean? (e.g. progressive, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, Traditional, Structured, Project-based, Screened, Unscreened, etc.)
  • what are the typical timelines for school admissions?
  • how do I handle an educational issue that has come up and what schools best handle it?
  • what is my educational philosophy and how do I want to use it to look for schools?

Who conducts my educational planning consultation?

You are matched with the advisor who is best suited to answer your specific questions. Caitlin Hasson tends to cover early and elementary education, Randi Dumont teaches about middle and high school and Becky Reback shares information about all educational planning topics from 2s through high school, including special education.

How do I sign up and get this service?

  1. Click below to register online and pay for the session ($1,000 per session).
  2. Your consultant will contact you to set up your session.