Education Planning Service

Evolving the way you natigate your child’s education.

If you are in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas and you want to learn about schools and admissions processes in the private or public system, then this service is perfect for you.

During these calls we talk about any of the following topics:

  • When to apply (birthdate planning)
  • Feeder schools
  • Teaching methodologies
  • Application requirements
  • School information
An education planning session works like this:

A complimentary 15-minute call with us: During this call, we set the agenda for the education planning meeting.

Pay for the session and book session: The fee is $385/hr. You book at your convenience and appointments are conducted remotely.

Have your session: During your session, you learn about each item on your agenda. Often your advisor will link to various resources so that you can continue to learn about schools and engage in the process even after the session.

Following the call, we share our meeting notes with you so that you have a record of your plan.

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