1. Education Planning to learn about private vs. public school systems, information about types of schools or which schools are in your area or to compare one school to another, timelines for your child’s application and placement, ways to learn about a private or public school, how you might handle an educational issue. Please note this is not a meeting to determine a school list for your child – that process is more in-depth as we need to meet your child and discuss this in a series of meetings with you to provide a suggested school list. Should you wish to have this service, please email admin@evolveded.com)
  2. Special Education Advocacy to learn about ways to address your child’s special needs, to plan out the resources and services from your DOE or private school, to discover ways to better parent your child given their special needs, to plan for an IEP meeting, to talk through ways to access testing accommodations or other learning accommodations.
  3. Parent Support to learn about ways to address concerns, issues, or challenges you have with your school-aged child, to develop specific strategies to help your child complete homework, study, manage time, partner with classroom teachers, to process a student’s learning profile and how it can require innovative parenting approaches.

1. Fill out the intake form:

2. Pay for the session: The fee is $385/hr.