Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Critical Race Theory

In this self-guided course, parents will learn about what critical race theory is and is not, the curriculum used in K-12 schools, considerations for school admissions, and how to support their child’s learning. A private, 1-1 consultation ensures your questions are answered and that you have ideas about how to support your child. 

You will gain access to:

  • Four Videos and a 1-1 Private Consultation
  • Easy and digestible definitions and concepts are explained in video and text formats. A 45 minute, 1-1 private consultation is included in the fee for this course. 
  • What is CRT? Understanding DEI curriculum in a K-12 educational setting
  • In this first video, parents learn what CRT is and is not and how to understand their child’s DEI curriculum.
  • Ways to partner with schools on DEI/CR-S curriculum development
  • In this second video, parents learn specific approaches to partner with their child’s school.
  • How to approach DEI within the school admissions process
  • In this third video, parents learn about how to consider schools along with their DEI initiatives and curriculum.
  • How to talk with and support my student with DEI/CR-S curriculum
  • In this final video, parents learn ways to support their students. Following this, parents may schedule their private, 1-1 consultation with Dr. Wise.