COVID-19 Support for Families

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Professional Development for Educators 

Schooling At Home

Summer Course and Collective

School Year Support for Educators 2020-2021



If you are going to be teaching students at home this coming school year, this program is for you! During the summer course, you will learn key skills and concepts to ensure your success in teaching. As the school year progresses, you will be supported within our consulting and community program.

We look forward to having you onboard!


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Join Emily Hughart (Spring • Summer • Fall) to Teach Your Child How to Write


The ability to write well is an indispensable life skill, but during a regular school year, it’s a skill that is often a lower priority. This quarantine, while challenging for all families, is also an unprecedented time for your student to learn how to approach the writing process.

Through the summer of 2020, Evolved master tutor Emily Hughart is offering a free assessment of your child’s writing. From there, she will propose an individualized online course or tutoring plan for your student using the groundbreaking SRSD framework.

What is SRSD? It stands for Self-Regulated Strategy Development and is a research-supported approach to unleashing autonomous, motivated writers.

If you have any questions regarding our free writing assessment or course offer, contact Emily Hughart at

Emily Hughart holds a graduate degree in English literature from King’s College London and is an Evolved master tutor for ELA subject areas and executive functioning. Emily has completed professional development for SRSD Writing with Think SRSD. In addition to her work at Evolved, she also teaches high school English in a blended classroom and academic writing at the college level.

Click here to register for your complimentary writing assessment.

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Hire Us This Summer

Your Kid + Their Interests + Our Tutors = Evolved Summer


The summer of 2020 may provide plenty of free time for our students. Evolved Education's Summer program provides kids with the stimulation they need to continue to develop and learn all summer long.

This program is completely customized for your child and is built around your schedule - with complete flexibility.

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Book School Alternatives for the 2020-2021 School Year


What we know for sure is that the 2020-2021 school year will be unprecedented. Schools may open. They may close. If you are not 100% satisfied with your school's current distance learning program and/or your child needs additional support within their current program, Evolved is to the rescue!

The way it works:

Apply here

Upon receipt of your application, we will customize a program for your child.

  • Your child is matched with a best-fit tutor
  • All instruction is 1-1
  • Lessons are provided or developed in coordinate with the school work
  • You chose your schedule for the 16-week program



  • There is consistency for their schooling - even if schools are in session and out of session, you know your child will have a skilled professional in charge of their education
  • Your child(ren) have ONE teacher who monitors and maintains their learning program for the entire semester
  • All lessons are 1-1 and could also meet with a myriad of Evolved educators - science teachers, history teachers, and writing specialists, as needed.
  • Our educators have access to professional development each week where they learn not only how to tutor online, but also how to engage all kinds of students online
  • If your child has special needs, we can easily accommodate and address them in the 1-1 setting
  • Tuition is less than private tutoring and less than private school - we have monthly payment plans available
  • We can provide additional services in order to:
    • help clients with out-placement for kindergarten, middle school, high school or college
    • prepare students for upcoming standardized tests
    • assist families with filing for homeschooling with the DOE
    • provide socialization and extra-curricular opportunities


Click here to learn more about the program and to register!

Videos, Webinars, and Articles

Especially for Parents of School-Aged Children

Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Please Enjoy Using The Resources Provided by Other Small Business Owners Who Serve Families!

FUNdamental Movement is a program developed by Scott and Erin Benson. This husband and wife team created a program to provide children with movement education that provides skills for life.  Erin is a professional dancer and owner of EDB Method Pilates and Holistic Health in Manhattan and she loves to share her passion for movement, fitness, and dance with young children.  Scott is a Physical Education teacher in the NYC public schools.  Scott has a Masters Degree in PE for grades preK-12.  Scott was a collegiate athlete and has a strong passion for giving children the opportunity to explore movement and fitness in new ways. The FUNdamental Movement program offers children a wide variety of athletic, fitness, dance, and functional movement activities to give them skills that will allow them to gain confidence, increase coordination, gain strength, and develop team-building skills as young people. These skills cross over into many life activities and offer children the opportunity to be active and healthy.



If you need ideas, like we do, for cooking for your crew - look here!

Cook in the safety of your home with the Thermomix® even if you don’t know how.

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Premier Chess runs school programs, corporate classes, private lessons and more, Evolved Ed clients can email to set up a FREE 30-Minute Demo lesson. 

National Chess Master Evan Rabin 

CEO, Premier Chess 

(917) 776-1306


The Art Studio NY runs virtual art classes for children and adults.

Art is a very special way to engage with creativity and to cope with uncertain times!

See also Mary's conversation with the founder of the Art Studio NY, Rebecca Schweiger, on You Tube where they talk about making PIVOTS in their businesses to survive during the COVID-19 Pandemic.