Executive Functioning Bootcamp 

Most schools do NOT teach the most fundamental skills to a child’s academic success: organization, prioritizing, time management, note taking, and outlining. Your child will work one-on-one with our EF coaches who will show your child the ropes and help them develop key organizational skills that will improve their ability to work in school for the rest of her or his life.   


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Part 1: Week One Components

The “boot camp” style work is designed to give the student a firm push in their executive function skills by helping them create a strong routine, develop a system of organization that is realistic to maintain, and learn time management. Additionally, working together daily gives your tutor a clear sense of who the student is as a learner so they can effectively plan for future sessions.


  • Student and Tutor meet DAILY (5 days in succession)
  • Observation of work style (day 1, tutor will watch the student work)
  • Four key executive functions for getting things done (step-by-step guidance for what we need to think about)
  • System of organization: one place to study, planner, to-do list, checklist (customized based on the needs of each student)
  • Homework planning guide: estimate length of time each assignment will take, prioritize importance of tasks, generate list of all materials needed BEFORE the student begins working 
  • Goals/Action Plan coaching
  • Road map for “getting stuff done”


Part 2: Weekly Meeting Skills

After the introductory week, student and tutor meet ONCE PER WEEK

Week 1 Note Taking Introduction

  • Difference between content and function words


Week 2 Note Taking Basics 

  • Symbols and Abbreviations
  • Key words and phrases
  • Cornell Style Note Taking 


Week 3 Outlining

  • Quick Outline (1 paragraph)
  • Transitional Outline (2 and 3 paragraph)
  • Multiple Paragraph Outline (when applicable, depends on the age of the student but usually do this with 7th graders and older)


Week 4 How to Create a Study Guide

  • Step by step practice in how to create an effective study guide (if the student has a test coming up, we’ll use their own notes) 



Writing Bootcamp 

In this 4-session bootcamp your child and an EEC tutor take a customized, one-on-one deep dive into the writing process. Your child will learn how to unpack a prompt, plan and organize an essay, draft, revise, and edit. Each session comes with worksheets and checklists so that your child is left with her own writing toolbox to use forever! 
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Week One: Unpacking a Prompt

Most students start writing assignments from a hopeless feeling of having no idea of where to start. Their writing prompt gives them so much information and inspiration, if they know how to read it and dissect it!  

Week 2: Planning and Organizing

Organization is the key to not wasting time on writing. For younger students, we focus on how to organize each point into a paragraph. For older students, we incorporate making an outline that includes quotes and sources. 

Week 3: Revising

Between weeks 2 and 3 your child will write her essay. Then, in the third lesson, your child and the tutor will talk about how to revise – where to spot weaknesses, readjust the outline, check in with the prompt to make sure all necessary components are present. 

Week 4: Editing

Between weeks 3 and 4 your child will revise his paper. At the 4th and final lesson, your child will learn how to edit – or fix the minor things such a passive versus active voice, tone, proper citation.