At Evolved Ed, our guiding principle is the Evolved Education Paradigm, an intervention strategy that addresses a child’s social, emotional, physical, and academic needs in order to guide students toward success in every aspect of their lives.


Our mission is to ensure students learn well. We do this by offering a myriad of services to support families as well as schools, businesses, and organizations. Our approach always begins by understanding our clients. We create customized programs that serve them to meet their goals.




1-1 Tutoring & Coaching

Through holistically learning about our students, we create customized tutoring, consultations or coaching sessions to allow them to learn well during private lessons.


At Evolved Education, our tutors:

  • aim to ensure that students from pre-nursery through college learn well
  • know how to teach and assess students
  • connect with students and build rapport
  • are professional
  • understand their respective disciplines intimately

Evolved works with students from age 2 to adulthood within a myriad of subjects and disciplines to provide remediation, academic support, and enrichment.

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Test Preparation & Mock Testing

Following our mission to ensure students learn well, we use test preparation as a framework to teach students about content, test-taking strategy and pacing approaches that capitalize on their strengths and help them with specific ways to overcome challenges.

Our tutors are skilled educators who instruct with sound pedagogy. We also offer mock testing in order to inform instruction.

We offer test preparation in private tutoring sessions at students' homes, our office, and remotely. Our clients are welcome to put together small groups for tutoring, and we also contract with schools to offer test preparation for NNAT/OLSAT, AABL, NYS ELA & Math Exams, ISEE, SSAT, Hunter High School Entrance Exam, CTP-5, SHSAT, HSPT, TACHS, Regents, SAT and ACT Exams.

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Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Educators offer services to help our youngest students to develop every aspect of themselves through assessment, tutoring and parent education.


  • NNAT & OLSAT (G and T Exams) from 3.5 years and older
  • Early Childhood Assessment
    • 24 months
    • 36 months
    • 48 months
    • 60 months
  • Private Kindergarten Playgroup Assessments (for ages 4 and up)


  • One to one tutoring for children as young as 18 months (tutoring involves parent and/or nanny education)
  • In-home sessions provided by an early childhood educator


  • Our Membership Site for Parents with Children Ages 0-5 has resources just for this age group including:
    • Developmental Checklists
    • School lists (2s and nursery school programs in Manhattan)
    • Birthdate planning
    • Resources from Early Childhood Educators
    • Premium rate consultations with Mary Miele
  • Be sure to also check out our Events page for even more resources for parents of young children

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Special Education

Evolved Education provides tutoring, assessment, and coaching for students with special needs.

  • Reading Remediation
    • Wilson
    • Orton Gillingham
    • Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Writing Instruction
    • SRSD Writing
    • Hochman
  • Math Remediation & Instruction
    • Multi-sensory Math
    • Touch Math
    • Stern Math
  • Executive Function Coaching within Academic Areas
  • Learning Specialty Tutoring K-College
  • Pre-School Special Education Services
  • Test Preparation
  • Mock Testing with all Accommodations

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Whether you are looking to learn about schools, gain support through an application process, or have resources for educational planning, Evolved offers the consulting you need to understand how to help your child to learn well.

School Placement Consulting

Evolved is where parents come to:

  • Learn about schools in their area
  • Relocate to NYC or move to a suburb and make a school placement plan
  • Understand admissions concepts for 2s, nursery, kindergarten, middle and high school programs
  • Gain support through any admissions process
  • Investigate best-fit schools for their child(ren) at any stage
  • Have support during off-cycle admissions periods
  • Learn about school options:
    • public
    • private
    • charter
    • boarding
    • day

Evolved offers to consult services in a myriad of ways including:

  • Hourly consultations
  • In-person (at the office)
  • Via Zoom Video Conference
  • Premium consulting services
  • Administrative & secretarial support throughout the application process
  • Opportunities to get questions answered during any admissions process through calls and text Q & A

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Membership Site - Parents with Children Ages 0-5 Years

The presentation or consultation is completedr; you still need information about 

  • specific schools to look at that align with your child's needs (in Manhattan)
  • guides that ensure you and your child are on track
  • ideas on how to develop your child from early childhood experts

You also want a place to ask individualized questions as they come up and have them answered by me. 

Our membership site offers information and opportunities to connect with experts that you need to implement your educational plan for your child, from 0-5 years. We want you to have a successful school placement. 

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Special Education Advocacy

Our team of special education teachers can support you through any special education process. 

Schedule a consultation with us to learn about:

  • The IEP process
  • Your rights under IDEA & FAPE
  • Referrals to Education Lawyers
  • Private Special Education Placement
  • Related Service Referrals

We also attend IEP meetings and help you to advocate for your child's needs. 

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Academic Analysis

When your child is in school, challenges and issues may arise and you may want to speak with a learning specialist about ways to support your child. 

Our academic analysis consulting service aims to unpack the educational experience of your child by examining written records, talking with teachers and related service providers, observing your child, and/or meeting with your child and the child's parents. 

Once we understand your child from various perspectives, we present you with customized solutions for your child. 

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Implementation of Services After a Neuropsychological Evaluation

When your child completes their neuropsychological evaluation you may want to speak with us about exactly how to implement the recommendations. 

Our consulting service aims to bridge the neuropsychological evaluation with the support programs which will enable your child to progress. 

This consultation involves: 

  • reading the neuropsychological evaluation
  • speaking with the evaluator
  • creating a written plan with SMART goals and specific scaffolds for how and when the student will address recommendations
  • links to educators, specialists, service providers and programs that will be providers for the services
  • a suggested communication plan to enable providers to move forward with collaboration

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Events & Workshops

Evolved offers speaking engagements to help clients to learn about schools, educational planning, raising a student, learning well, or any topic related to pre-nursery through collegiate education.


Evolved Events aim to support parents and educators. 

We are available for speaking engagements with: 

  • schools
  • corporations
  • businesses
  • parent associations
  • affiliate educational groups
  • higher educational institutions

Our events are constructed in partnership with our clients - we aim to deliver thoughtful instruction that meets the goals of each program. 

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Evolved Events aim to support parents and educators. 

We are available to conduct workshops at:

  • schools
  • corporations
  • businesses
  • parent associations
  • affiliate educational groups
  • higher educational institutions

Our workshops are constructed in partnership with our clients - we aim to deliver thoughtful instruction that meets the goals of each program. 

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NYS ELA and Math Exam Preparation

February - April 2020

ELA and Math State Exam Assessment and Instruction for Students in Grades 3 through 8. As a reminder to NYC families, these state tests in grades 4 and 7 influence middle and high school admissions to public schools. To learn more about how we consult with families during any school admissions process, please book a 15-minute call with us to learn more.

Two Service Options:

Mock Test & Debrief Session with Evolved Educator

Do you want to check-in and see how your child will perform on these exams?

Do you wish for your child to meet with a teacher to review the results and learn key ways to improve?

If so, then this is the service for you!

  • Students take an abridged version of the ELA and Math Exam (approximately 1 hour each) at the Evolved Office on a Saturday or Sunday morning beginning at 9 am in February or March 2020.
  • Students are carefully proctored in a small group. Feedback contains information about how the student performed on the exam and also how they attended and managed themselves while taking the exam.
  • Following the mock exam, the tests are hand graded by an educator using the state grading rubrics.
  • Students and their parents (optional) are invited to meet for a 30-minute session with an Evolved Educator following the exam in order to debrief and learn from the feedback. This session can be conducted at our office or via video conference and is included in the fee for this service.
  • Fee: $385

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Tutoring (in-home or in the office) with materials for practice

Do you want your child to learn ways to take these exams from educators who know the exams and have the expertise for how to assess and teach students?

Do you wish your child to have customized preparation for these exams which is delivered by a professional tutor?

Do you need materials for your child to practice in between each session?

If so, then this service is for you!

  • Students meet with Evolved tutors who are educators and who have specific knowledge regarding the NYS exams to learn how to improve their scores on the ELA and Math exams
  • Materials are provided to help students to practice in between sessions
  • There is a minimum of four sessions for our tutoring for these exams
  • Sessions can take place in-home or at our office - the fee is the same for either location
  • Our tutoring clients will also receive a complimentary, 15-minute call to discuss educational planning with our client service administrator, Stephanie Sklar. This ensures our clients are prepared for their educational planning at any stage from grade 3 through 8.

Apply here for the tutoring for this special program. Fees are discussed during our intake call following the submission of your application.

More Special Programs Coming Soon ....

Stay tuned for more special programs! 

To keep abreast of our special programs for students in NYC, connect with Laura Winters at



Teaching School

Our founder, Mary Miele, is interested in sharing our work with like-minded educators. We want to empower others to support families, schools, and themselves through private tutoring and consulting. Our school offers courses to certify in tutoring and consulting.

Evolved Education Tutoring Certification

Get ready to level up your tutoring practice from the Masters at Evolved. During this 4-week course, Evolved Educators Mary Miele, Spencer Moravek and members of the in-house Education Team teach four core modules for ensuring a successful tutoring practice. The course includes lessons on key tutoring concepts, interactive in-person or Zoom videoconference workshops and teaching practice as well as a videotaped lesson with feedback.

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Evolved Education Consulting Certification

This 2-day course is taught by Mary Miele, founder of Evolved Education and Education Consultant. "When I began consulting with families, I had to learn so much about this business and this aspect of the education field the hard way. This course aims to empower other certified educators to successfully consult with families on anything from school placement to educational planning.  I walk you through the lessons I have learned in establishing an amazingly successful consulting practice here in NYC. My goal is to provide educators, who know they have the potential to make a difference in the lives of students through a consulting practice, with the tools they need to work with clients and make a strong living doing so."- Mary Miele. 

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I founded Evolved Education in 2014 in order to provide holistic tutoring to students. I, along with my colleagues, including Deanna Hyslop, explored our approach to tutoring.

We created the Evolved Education Paradigm in 2016 and published Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators as a tool to provide a road map for supporting students well.

Deanna and I spoke at the International ADDCA Conference where we presented an aspect of our book, specifically our SEPAQ Inventory, which aimed to screen a student's social, emotional, and physical development. Using this tool, we aimed to understand these important areas of a student's functioning both in and out of school. We feel strongly that these areas of a student's development impact their academic performance and their ability to progress through a tutoring program.

In the years which have followed our initial work at Evolved, I have remained curious about a student's learning experience. This has caused me to update my understanding of our paradigm. I now include areas such as Thinking and Behavior, Executive Functioning, and School Match within the paradigm I consider when thinking about a student and their learning experience.

What remains steadfast for me is my desire to ensure that every student learns well. I am obsessed with this company and wish for it to define the landscape of tutoring and education consulting.

In our work, I wish to provide each of our clients with services and information which enable them to learn well. I am committed to the quality of our work and the people who work here and who we serve.

At present, Evolved Education is operating in a place that is beyond my wildest dreams, and yet, it is still within the realm of my vision. For here at Evolved, we are all evolving constantly - learning well, supporting each other, and achieving our goals.

I am always happy to hear from you and thank you for your interest in Evolved Education!

Warmest regards,


Learning Specialist & Education Consultant

Mary E. Miele


Let's help you!

Allow us to help your child learn well from pre-nursery through college.