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School Placement Consulting


Whether you’re trying to get your child get into a dream preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college, Evolved Education Company can guide you through every step of the process.

One-to-One, Custom School Placement Advisement 

We begin with a family consultation– getting to know you and your child and learning about what sort of schools you’re looking for – what’s on your Wish List?

Our trained consultants take everything on your school wish list, and using their expansive knowledge of schools in New York City, New Jersey, and Westchester, build a custom list of best-fit schools to apply to.

We can partner with you for one step of the process, or walk you through every step: from filling out the application, prepping for the child interview, getting a great rec from a child’s favorite teacher, all the way to picking a school on decision day.

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NYC Schools – A Digital Course

The NYC Schools Platform is a members-only website that eliminates the guesswork from the school application process. In each of the 7 modules, I give you the tools via videos and worksheets to assess not only what your child needs from a school – teaching philosophy, homework amount, tutoring culture – but also what your family needs from a school – cost, location, parent culture. After you develop a deep and nuanced understanding of what kind of school you’re actually looking for, I provide you with the tools to find and target that best-fit school.


The platform provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to efficiently research schools, provides a timeline for the application process, maps of schools by NYC-neighborhood, as well as tips on the actual application itself – interviewing, essay-writing, thank-you letter writing, test-prep and beyond.


Pay a monthly membership fee to access not just the modules but  weekly broadcasts on application updates and answer previously submitted questions.

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