About us

Our Mission is Clear

We work to ensure each student learns well. By empowering families, educators, and schools with our paradigm and approach, we are shaping the future of tutoring and education consulting. Together.

Look inside…

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20 years into a busy career as a Learning Specialist and Education Consultant in Manhattan’s public and private school systems, I had a vision as an educator and a parent of school-aged children that a company could exist to fill a void not provided by schools, public or private. Its goal is to provide families with reputable full-service educational support for absolutely anything needed as they endeavor to raise children in today's nursery through college public and private education systems.

Evolved Education Company is every family’s school support system. Here, families can receive information, tutoring, test preparation and mock testing, as well as school placement consulting during every step of their education journey.

Our goal is to provide our clients access to a network of professionals in the education field who share a purpose to improve teaching and learning experiences using a personalized approach. The way we support children must be individualized; every child, family, and school is unique. We consider the Five Elements of a Student’s Evolved Education Paradigm including Academic History, Learning Style, School Environment, Family Culture, and Social-Emotional-Physical-Academic Quotient (SEPAQ) when giving advice of any kind to families seeking academic support or school placement consulting for their children.

It is our desire to partner with the families we serve to support them in helping their children to learn well. Our holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and dedication to the success of each of our students are what differentiates us from other tutoring and school placement firms.

In addition to our work with families, Evolved has continually partnered with schools. In collaboration, we have created customized professional development and parent support programs - always leveraging the strength of Evolved's mission.

In 2020, I founded the Evolved Teaching School in order to teach educators how to tutor and consult. Through these programs, I wish to empower others to do the work we have learned to do at Evolved Education.

My vision for Evolved is for it to be a resource and a place of support for families, educators and schools. I want every student to learn well!