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 About Us

Mary Miele, educator, mother and founder of Evolved Education Company, realized firsthand that children and their families could achieve greater academic and emotional success with a different kind of “tutor.” This educator would not only be knowledgeable and experienced, but would also understand students within the larger frameworks of their school and home environments, realize the importance of the parent partnership, and use metrics along with qualitative measures to constantly modify and improve learning. When launching Evolved Education Company, she created the Evolved Education Paradigm and SEPAQ (Social-Emotional-Physical-Academic Quotient) to help her students understand their individual challenges and achieve their greater goals. This paradigm is discussed in Mary Miele and Deanna Hyslop’s  book Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators.

When families partner with EEC, they are partnering with an organization they can trust. EEC has built a team of educators who are able to understand what their students need NOW, and to help them succeed.

To start, we schedule an intake meeting, which enables us to learn about your child and choose the right tutors for his/her specific needs. As a child's needs evolve, it’s our job to ensure your team is evaluating your child's present challenges, anticipating what challenges will be coming down the pike, and responding effectively to those challenges by creating an individualized plan for your child.


Our Mission at Evolved Education

EEC partners with experts to provide services for families and schools with students starting in pre-kindergarten through college. The EEC team includes early childhood educators, reading and math specialists, learning specialists, academic tutors in all subjects, test preparation instructors, school consultants, school placement professionals, education therapists, parent coaches, college counselors, and executive function coaches. These professionals come to work at EEC because they believe in supporting schools, and they wish to use the Evolved Education Paradigm to empower students and families to reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to changing the dialogue around tutoring support. Our tutors provide one-to-one lessons and small group instruction to help uncover students' unique talents and strengths, and to overcome their challenge areas. They not only provide top-level academic support and test preparation, but they also teach students individualized strategies to help them develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically. We know the academic results of students are the symptoms of a child’s whole development. For instance, when a student is earning all As, this does not necessarily mean that a child is thriving as a whole person. They may be sacrificing social, emotional, or physical health to achieve academic success. On the contrary, a student who is struggling with academics, may need strategies to overcome challenges within the social-emotional-physical realms. The mission we have for our tutoring and small class offerings is to provide each student with strategies to get As, while also learning how to be healthy overall.

Our consultants work to provide the most essential information and guidance throughout the education process. Individualization, customization, and innovation are the cornerstones of the services provided. We provide a totally customized approach to supporting your child, whether providing school placement consultations, special education advisement, or college counseling. Our in-depth, flexible approach allows us to provide meaningful support to every family.

Our information sessions, presentations and publications serve to inform the public about our work. We speak about how families and schools can support the development of the whole child in an empowering way. In addition, we wish to celebrate and to highlight the work of educators and other professionals who are doing important work within social, emotional, physical and academic learning.  We believe it is helpful to have an outside resource to partner in the journey with you and your child, and celebrate your individualized education process.

EEC is always evolving its programming and services to keep up with the ever changing landscape of education, and we want to share this valuable educational information with families trying their best to help their children thrive in school. We work hard to empower our educators, consultants, and partner companies to provide innovative, evolving, and relevant presentations, classes and discussions to our community.