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Led by our mission – to ensure the whole child learns well – Evolved Education Company provides services that support both students and their parents or guardians.

Through customized 1-1 tutoring – academic and test preparation support; parent education consulting; and school placement advisement, we deliver our clients with a bespoke experience that is rooted in a strong and ever-evolving education expertise.

What students and parents receive at Evolved Education Company is best articulated by one of our long-time clients:

“Simply put, every one of my encounters at Evolved delivers the same sentiment – it is as if the teacher or consultant is saying to me or my child,  ‘I understand you. And, I know how to teach you’ – and they really do. They know what strengths, challenges, and underdeveloped skills you have and deliver instruction in the way you or your child need to learn best. It’s not always an easy or comfortable road, but the learning happens with their gracious support – which as a parent, is the most important experience I can have and provide my child. This is what causes us to be here year after year.”

At Evolved, parents will find dedicated educators, professional tutors, and consultants who dig deep into understanding you and who know how to teach you well.

No matter what your family’s question or need, Evolved Education has a solution for you.



Evolved Education Company is committed to supporting tutors and consultants.

Evolved Education’s Teaching School was launched in January 2020, and we invite you to join us on a journey of mutual growth.

We are solidifying our 2020-2021 plans and in the time being, check out our YouTube channel as we publish resources and conversations which aim to educate and inspire those working in our space.


Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

Evolved Education is committed to providing the highest quality remote tutoring possible during COVID-19. Our educators train biweekly to learn the best new online tools.


The Evolved Paradigm

We use The Evolved Paradigm – a framework that helps us look beyond a child’s academic profile and into her social and emotional growth – to guide each child-tutor matching process. We are committed to finding the perfect educator for your child.


Holistic Support

When you join the Evolved Education family, you’re not just getting a tutor or a consultation, you’re brought into our network of teachers and trusted related service providers, all at your disposal if a new academic challenge arrises.

Support Small Businesses

When you partner with Evolved, you are supporting a woman-owned, local small business in NYC.

Expert Educators

95% of Evolved’s tutors are trained educators with a BA and/or Master’s in Education

The Give Back Project

Evolved is committed to working with low-income families to provide the same world-class academic support.


I founded Evolved Education Company at what was undeniably a crazy time in my life – I had just given birth to my third and youngest child. But as I held my infant daughter in my lap and simultaneously saw my tutoring students struggle with private school admissions, I saw what I needed to do: build a full-service company that would help children learn well while simultaneously helping a family to navigate educational milestones – applications, testing, and every day bumps  that all children and families encounter along the academic road.

Our Evolved families return to us time and time again – when their second oldest child needs to take the ISEE, when they need to learn about various public or private school options, when they need advice on how best to support their child’s nightly reading homework, done after dinner at the kitchen table. Families return to us because they know that Evolved, as a small, woman-run, locally-owned business, will support them with our dedication, expertise, and genuine investment in their families.

We hope you will become one of these treasured clients.

-Mary Miele


Join us for free weekly webinars on topics such as grade-level readiness, the best way to study for standardized tests, and how to compare school options for the 2020-2021 school year. 



6:30 PM

Interview Prep Power Hour with Fearless Communicators 

The parent and/or student interview is an important aspect of any school application process because it is the opportunity an applicant has to share their story, connect with the school, and ask meaningful questions. Many times, our clients are interviewing for schools for the first time or for the first time in a long time. Thus, we want to offer support that will ensure success.

To ace any school interview, applicants need to know WHAT to prepare for and ideas for HOW to enact communication.

This is a presentation style webinar event, so you can join anonymously & your identity will not be shared with other participants. We will also tape the event and share it with you following the live event. 

We are pleased to host Fearless Communicators as a resource for us to dig deeper into developing our interview skills. Fearless’s team of trained actors and speaking coaches are committed to helping your child interview FEARLESSLY. In their powerful interview prep sessions, a Fearless Facilitator will teach your child how to show up with confidence and share their story authentically. More than a mock interview, this is an opportunity to learn a communication skill that can serve your child for the rest of their life.

Event Info

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September 29th, 6:30 PM 




8:00 PM 

Stop Punishing Your Child and Start Problem Solving: CPS Solutions  speech and language pathologist Jamie Brod 

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) is a research-based, non-punitive, non-adversarial approach to communicating with children. Founded by Dr. Ross Greene, CPS is based on the idea that challenging behavior occurs when the expectations being place on a child is great than the child’s abilities to meet those expectations and respond adaptively. In this model, problem solving is a collaborative partnership between adults and children. 

Becky Reback, a CPS Certified Provider, special education teacher, and mother, in conversation with Mary Miele, will guide you in how to change your mindset when it comes to communicating with your children. In this workshop style presentation, learn about the philosophy behind the CPS model, how to have clear but realistic expectations for your children, shifting your mindset to see lagging skills instead of a lack of motivation, and a take-away strategy in opening up better communication in your family. 

Event Info

October 6th, 8:00 P.M.

Register here.



8:30 PM 


Pandemic Academic Check in 

Is your child thriving or struggling through another year of remote/distance /hybrid learning? What other services might you need to support your child? How can you enlist your child’s teacher for maximum learning efficiency?

Event Info

October 13th, 8:30

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 “Still Learning” gives you quick tips you can listen to on the go. Up first, a four-part series on Kindergarten Readiness.


Stay up to date on all-things education in NYC. 

Ideas to Help Parents – Fall 2020

Ideas to Help Parents – Fall 2020

I want parents to, first of all, know that this is not a normal time and that I hope to give you some ideas for how you can have some potential tools for your toolbox to handle any educational situation or question you have.  Firstly,  some schools are going back in...

Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness

In case you missed it - Hallie presented on Tuesday, 7/21 on Kindergarten Readiness. Here are links to the tools she mentioned in that webinar: Literacy: Sight Words Letter Tracing Option 1 Option 2 ABC Flashcards Math: Unifix Cubes Number Flashcards Bears Workbook...


If you’re wondering if tutoring is right for you, or looking for a guide to help you through private school admissions, check out one of our new books!

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