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 Is your child struggling? Does your child need a challenge?

Are you struggling to understand NYC’s school-application system, or why your child is having such a hard time getting organized?

Led by our mission – to ensure the whole family learns well – Evolved Education Company provides world-class support services with highly-trained educators that guide both students and their parents or guardians on every step of their educational journey.   

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

Evolved Education is committed to providing the highest quality remote tutoring possible during COVID-19. Our educators train biweekly to learn the best new online tools.


The Evolved Paradigm

We use The Evolved Paradigm – a framework that helps us look beyond a child’s academic profile and into her social and emotional growth – to guide each child-tutor matching process. We are committed to finding the perfect educator for your child.


Holistic Support

When you join the Evolved Education family, you’re not just getting a tutor or a consultation, you’re brought into our network of teachers and trusted related service providers, all at your disposal if a new academic challenge arrises.

Support Small Businesses

When you partner with Evolved, you are supporting a woman-owned, local small business in NYC.

Expert Educators

95% of Evolved’s tutors are trained educators with a BA and/or Master’s in Education

Parent Satisfaction

“Simply put, every one of my encounters at Evolved delivers the same sentiment – it is as if the teacher or consultant is saying to me or my child,  ‘I understand you. And, I know how to teach you’ – and they really do. They know what strengths, challenges, and underdeveloped skills you have and deliver instruction in the way you or your child need to learn best. It’s not always an easy or comfortable road, but the learning happens with their gracious support – which as a parent, is the most important experience I can have and provide my child. This is what causes us to be here year after year.”


I founded Evolved Education Company at what was undeniably a crazy time in my life – I had just given birth to my third and youngest child. But as I held my infant daughter in my lap and simultaneously saw my tutoring students struggle with private school admissions, I saw what I needed to do: build a full-service company that would help children learn well while simultaneously helping a family to navigate educational milestones – applications, testing, and every day bumps  that all children and families encounter along the academic road.

Our Evolved families return to us time and time again – when their second oldest child needs to take the ISEE, when they need to learn about various public or private school options, when they need advice on how best to support their child’s nightly reading homework, done after dinner at the kitchen table. Families return to us because they know that Evolved, as a small, woman-run, locally-owned business, will support them with our dedication, expertise, and genuine investment in their families.

We hope you will become one of these treasured clients.

-Mary Miele


April 2021, our programming is focused on Executive Functioning. Join any of our free webinars to learn how to support your child with special educational needs. 



8:30 AM

How to Help Your Child Study

There’s gotta be something better than flashcards, right? Right! Uncover how to help your child *learn* material instead of memorize material, and how to break down studying into manageable chunks.

Register here.



8:30 AM

How to Help your Child Tackle Long-Term Projects

Your child might have three weeks to write the essay, or create the presentation, but does your child know how to make a plan to use those three weeks well? This is a masterclass for parents who want to learn how to guide their child to chunk out assignments, make the best use of time, and avoid last-minute crunches.



8:30 AM

 How to help your Child Get Organized for School

Is your child is always yelling out asking where things are in the middle of the school day? We’re here to help! Join this executive functioning masterclass and learn how to help your student become more organized and self-sufficient.
Register here



8:30 AM

How Regulation is your Child’s Superpower

Whether your child is going in person or sitting at Zoom all day, school days are long. Help your child get in touch with his or her emotional and physical state to help your child learn how to get through the school day. Register here.



8:30 AM

The 5 Biggest Organizational Mistakes We See Kids Making

I work with a lot of students – and I see the same organizational mistakes over and over again. Discover the mistakes kids are making and ways you can spot these mistakes and intervene with your own child to set them up for success in school! Register here


Check back in April for our new podcast –  “The Teaching School!” We’ll help you navigate your child’s educational struggles and successes, hear from former students we’ve tutoreded, and answer your most pressing questions! 


 If you’re wondering if tutoring is right for you, or looking for a guide to help you through private school admissions, check out one of our new books!

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