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Learn At Home

Evolved Education is committed to providing the highest quality remote and in person tutoring possible. Our educators train biweekly to learn the best new online tools. In person tutoring is selectively available. 


The Evolved Paradigm

We use The Evolved Paradigm – a framework that helps us look beyond a child’s academic profile and into her social and emotional growth – to guide each child-tutor matching process. We are committed to finding the perfect educator for your child.


Holistic Support

When you join the Evolved Education family, you’re not just getting a tutor or a consultation, you’re brought into our network of teachers and trusted related service providers, all at your disposal if a new academic challenge arrises.

Support Women-Owned Business

When you partner with Evolved, you are supporting a woman-owned business. We invite you into a company guided by feminine leadership that is empowering, inclusive, collaborative and always evolving. 

Professional Tutors and Consultants

Evolved Education Company tutors are professional. They come from backgrounds in education, social work, psychology, and other related disciplines. Our tutors are members of our Teaching School, where they receive support and leverage the knowledge of this professional community. 

Parent Satisfaction

“Simply put, every one of my encounters at Evolved delivers the same sentiment – it is as if the teacher or consultant is saying to me or my child,  ‘I understand you. And, I know how to teach you’ – and they really do. They know what strengths, challenges, and underdeveloped skills you have and deliver instruction in the way you or your child need to learn best. It’s not always an easy or comfortable road, but the learning happens with their gracious support – which as a parent, is the most important experience I can have and provide my child. This is what causes us to be here year after year.”


I founded Evolved Education Company at what was undeniably a crazy time in my life – I had just given birth to my third and youngest child. But as I held my infant daughter in my lap and simultaneously saw my tutoring students struggle with private school admissions, I saw what I needed to do: build a full-service company that would help children learn well while simultaneously helping a family to navigate educational milestones – applications, testing, and every day bumps  that all children and families encounter along the academic road.

Our Evolved families return to us time and time again from around the globe – when their second oldest child needs to take the ISEE, when they need to learn about various public or private school options in the Northeast USA, when they need advice on how best to support their child’s nightly reading homework, done after dinner at the kitchen table. Families return to us because they know that Evolved, as a global, woman-run business, will support them with our dedication, expertise, and genuine investment in their families.

We hope you will become one of these treasured clients.

-Mary Miele


As part of our parent education work, we offer complimentary Tuesday Talks for parents to help them to learn about everything from writing to executive functioning. Join us live of our Tuesday Talks or find our content on You Tube.



9:00 AM

Why is Writing Under-Taught and What Can Parents do About it?

There’s gotta be something better than flashcards, right? Right! Uncover how to help your child *learn* material instead of memorize material, and how to break down studying into manageable chunks.

Register here.



9:00 AM

What is SRSD Writing and why Every Kid Should Know it

What is SRSD Writing? It stands for Self-Regulated Strategy Development and is a research-supported approach to unleashing autonomous, motivated writers.

We’ll be diving into the methodology and strategies of SRSD writing and how it can help your child write better! Register here



9:00 AM

Writing Revolution and Tools that Teach Itl

You may have heard of the program Writing Revolution, but where did it come from and how can you use it?

Based on the Hochman Method, The Writing Revolution uses evidence-based strategies for teaching writing. This unified and structured approach builds from sentences to compositions and the goal is to embed the skills in curriculum across all content areas and grade levels. The goal of the method is to enable the student to master skills that will allow them to become competent writers. With improved writing skills, students will also become better readers, communicate more effectively in writing as well as speaking, and importantly, critical thinkers. .

Register here. 



9:00 AM

Early Writers: How Parents Can Support Young Writing 

It’s so exciting when our children start learning their letters and how to write them! In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to encourage your young writer to write more and to gain valuable skills. Register here.


 If you’re wondering if tutoring is right for you, or looking for a guide to help you through private school admissions, check out one of our new books!

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