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Evolved is happy to partner with Educators wishing to use the Evolved Education Paradigm as a framework to provide exemplary one-to-one, small group tutoring, and education consulting services. It is our goal to find each of our clients the very best fit.


  • We hire teachers on a per diem, independent contracting basis, and we use a 70/30 pay structure. Each educator sets his or her own fee schedule as well as schedule with clients. Educators create and implement their own lessons using their expertise
  • We do not have a non-compete clause, preventing our educators from keeping their own private practices
  • Each educator is able to receive training on the Evolved Education Paradigm as well as professional development and support throughout their partnership with Evolved
  • We hire a range of educators with a range of experience, certifications, and training
  • Educators must file email session reports after each of their sessions through Evolved














Evolved provides our educators with a full picture of a student's academic functioning,  including their academic history, learning style, and skills. This provides the educator with an understanding of the student's school and home environments, as they pertain to learning and a child's social, emotional and physical development*. Using this information, an educator works to evolve the student toward success by celebrating strengths and boosting areas of challenge. Evolved leadership and administration is present to support educators in their tutoring and education consulting.


At Evolved, our educators evolve when they take advantage of our:


FRAMEWORK: The Evolved Education Paradigm is a framework used to assess students and to create support programs. By putting all of the pieces of a student's academic functioning together, we are successful in creating an understanding of the support a child needs to succeed in their own learning. Neglecting even one area means we may miss critical information, which will prevent a child from being able to evolve.


COLLABORATION and SUPPORT: Best practices evolve through collaboration and ongoing support. We evolve one-to-one instruction by connecting educators who are working on similar cases, within similar disciplines. We have funds earmarked for professional development and resources for our educators to help them to evolve within their instructional practice. For example, in addition to our monthly in-house study topics and webinars, educators have accessed SRSD Writing Training, Orton-Gillingham Workshops, Executive Function Coaching Training, Hands on Math Workshops, Sound Reading Solutions System Access and Training, IXL Access, Super Teacher Worksheet Access, Test Preparation Books and School Supplies, and Reward Items. We support our educators through the challenges unique one-to-one educational instruction. We help educators with what they need -- for some that means providing a listening ear to talk through a plan, and for others it may mean providing billing and HR support, enabling them to focus on their teaching and tutoring practice.


COMMUNITY: Just as we want Evolved educators to be invested in our amazing clients at Evolved, we want to invest in our educators. At Evolved, we foster a sense of community and celebration of the individuals involved. We take pride in helping our Educators pursue new jobs, welcome new additions to their families, and even to support those educators who encounter personal struggles. At Evolved, we wish to establish a community within a typically isolating professional route. Many of our Educators work in private practice, and by coming to Evolved, they have a sense of belonging to a larger group which can develop their skills and contribute to their evolution within their respective disciplines.

* As reported by their parents in the SEPAQ inventory


If you would like to become a member of the Evolved Education Team, please send your resume and the answer to these questions to Gina Rotundo at


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  2. What experience do you have in providing 1-1 support to students in Prek- College?
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