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 Tutoring & Test Preparation

Evolved provides Subject Area Tutoring, Test Preparation as well as a myriad of Special Education Services to help every student from pre-kindergarten through college experience academic success. Using our methodology, Evolved creates an individualized tutoring program which meets the needs of each student within their unique environment and development.





Evolved Education's Early Childhood Program is run by Dr. Lynn Rothstein who uses a series of one-to-one lessons to focus on overall development for G & T, Private School Admission Tests, and interviews. Dr.Rothstein offers a comprehensive evaluation which can be scheduled independently or as part of the preparation package.

Students can schedule lessons with Dr.Rothstein at our East 69th Street Location on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Sessions are 45 minutes in length, including homework for continued work, and we partner with parents through a debrief. Email Dr.Rothstein or go to our scheduling page above!



Lower and Elementary School


Evolved Education uses its whole child approach to put together tutoring programs for students in grades K through five. We partner with educators who follow the Evolved Education Paradigm to unlock each student's potential. With a partnership between parents, educators, and students, we are able to help each student to evolve and to reach their potential.


  • Readiness -- Our certified, elementary educators work with students to strengthen their school readiness skills. This may include reading, writing, number sense, fine and gross motor skills, separation confidence, independence, following routines, communication, or social-emotional learning.


  • Remediation -- Our reading, math and special educators provide remediation skills for students.



  • Family education --  Our educators are part of a larger team of parent educators who can assist with everything from developing school connections to finding ways to develop stronger study and work routines at home.



Middle School


During grades six through eight, Evolved Education partners with expert middle school educators to provide academic and test preparation tutoring for all types of students at all types of schools. For each of our clients, we put together a comprehensive tutoring plan which takes into account absolutely everything -  academic history, learning style and skills, school and home environments, as well as social, emotional and physical development. This provides support extending beyond the one or two hour sessions, and teaches students any number of skills including how to better plan, organize, study, break up assignments, work within areas of challenge by using strengths, and apply strategies to new assignments.


  • Academic Tutoring -- Our certified educators and instructors work with middle school students to strengthen their academic skills, always working within our paradigm, which may include reading, writing, math, history, science, foreign language, study skills, time management, communication, or social-emotional learning.



  • Family education --  Our educators are part of a larger team of parent educators who in-turn help families understand how to increase middle school students' study  habits, how to develop and  have success during a time of rapid change, and how to best balance academics with extracurricular activities.



Upper and High School


Whether a student is planning for college admission or tackling a high school course, Evolved Education has the team of educators and consultants to help your child to navigate grade nine through twelve. Our team of high school teachers cover a wide breadth of subjects, including math, English, history, science, and foreign languages. Our tutors are educators who have experience teaching their respective courses and who also work to unlock the potential of their students using the Evolved Education Paradigm and whole-child methodology.


  • Academic Tutoring -- Our certified educators and subject specific instructors work within targeted curriculum to strengthen students' academics, while also ensuring each student is learning and functioning at their overall best.


  • Test preparation -- We help students succeed on any of the following exams: SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or Regents Exams.


  • Parent education --  Our educators are part of a larger team of parent educators who help parents of high school students understand the college application process and find the "best fit" for extracurricular programs.





Students at University or College can access Evolved Education professors and instructors to help with coursework and papers. By using video-technology we are able to connect students with the best possible instruction -- matching their learning style and coursework with the educator who will best meet their needs. Email our College Counselor at for a complimentary consultation.


  • Academic Support -- Our certified educators and subject specific experts work with students while they are in college to strengthen their ability to understand course material, write papers, and successfully schedule any long term assignments. EEC tutors work with students from a variety of schools including Harvard University, Brown University, NYU, UCLA, Notre Dame University, Princeton University and Amherst University.


  • Test preparation -- We help students succeed on the following exam: GRE.


  • Parent education --  Our educators are part of a larger team of parent educators who help parents with during college planning and also help families to research and decide upon graduate school programs.



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