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 Hear From Our Families


"I've had tutors in here for the past eight years with my child. I can honestly say this is the first time we are seeing real positive change in Rebecca's overall academic experience." - Mother of a 9th grade student


"I'm incredibly grateful for your honest and thorough assessment of my daughter's emergent reading skills. I cannot thank you enough for the strategies and approaches you gave to me so that I have a plan to help her." - Mother of a 4 year old


"I'm thrilled to give a testimonial. Mary and the entire EEC team should be seriously congratulated on their paradigm and work with all children, especially mine. I have seen a child who was not confident in math emerge as the master of the subject. This company is very special, indeed." - Father of a 6th grade student


"We work with a few of Evolved's tutors, including Deanna, and we find their approach to be extremely effective with our students. We are really happy to see the student's growth." - Teacher at an NYC school


"That was the most amazing analysis of a mock test I've ever seen. It is clear you took the time to really uncover what my child needed to learn." - Mother of a 10th grade student


"My son went up 8 points in the ACT with Evolved. He has some learning difficulties. I think that is the best testimonial I can give. Oh, and he always loved working with his tutor -- that speaks volumes." -Father of a 12th grade student


"We used Evolved for ISEE and SSAT tutoring last year. The entire process was seamless and my daughter progressed well. I am busy, and in the past, I've never heard from the tutors working with her, but EEC has this full report we got each week. I was looped into their work and I found that to be a nice part of the service. I'll definitely come back when I need any kind of tutoring or college application support (after I catch my breath from this round of applications)." -Mother of a 8th grade student


"My daughter came home after her test prep class and told me she learned more in two hours than she had in school. Mind you, she didn't want to come to class, and now I cannot get her to stop talking about the class. You all must be doing something right." -Mother of a 4th grade student (enrolled in ELA and NYS math class)


"I wanted to share with you the good news that Jason  was extended offers by four schools, including our top choice, Riverdale. We thank you for your assistance at various points of the process--definitely a big help!" - Mother of a 5th grade student


"I came to EEC needing boarding school support and after the intake I was connected to an amazing school placement consultant, a test preparation teacher and application support. Mary made sure everyone talked and that we were really well taken care of during the entire process." - Mother of an 8th grade student


"Mary came to meet with my child and uncovered some very helpful information. I felt her strategies and tactics were completely geared toward what will work best for my daughter. I'm really impressed with the results and the ongoing care and attention we've received from the EEC team." - Mother of a 10th grade student


"We used Molly, EEC's college counselor, and she helped us to broaden our college list and she helped my son with the content of his essays for the applications. Molly was knowledgeable and connected well with my son. I definitely feel that EEC's approach allowed them to get to know my son better and that he benefited from the care that EEC gave him. He ended up getting into his top choice school, with a scholarship!" - Mother of a 12th grade student


"I used their services for the universal pre-k application process. Since my job is quite stressful and busy, I had no time to go thru this process solo.  I wanted to find a company who would take care of all of the paperwork and legwork for me. Evolved not only did this for me, but my contact (Gina Rotundo) went the extra mile helping me navigate all of the school options and reviews. She gave me her honest opinion about each, and was also an ear for me to go to while I tried to make hard decisions." -Mother of twin 4 year olds


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