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Special Education Services

The Evolved team of educational partners provides services for students with disabilities starting in pre-kindergarten through college. These professionals choose to work at EEC because they wish to use the Evolved Education Paradigm to empower students and families to reach their full potential. Our team includes early childhood special educators, reading and math specialists, learning specialists, school placement professionals, behavior therapists, social skills instructors, executive functioning coaches, and parent coaches.


Evolved helps families to gather information, put the pieces of learning together, and set up meaningful academic support services with the best possible educator/tutor and/or consultant. Our tutors, who provide both one-to-one lessons and small group lessons, uncover the talents and strengths of students and help them overcome challenge areas.  They teach students individualized strategies to help them develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.


Here are categories of support we offer:


Behavior Therapy, ADHD Coaching, Executive Function Coaching, Emotion Regulation, Social Skills, ABA Therapy for students with Autism and High Functioning ASD with Deanna Hyslop, MS, BCBA, LBA, AAC


Test Preparation and Mock Testing for students with disabilities


Executive Function Coaching with Mary Miele and Special Educators who have Evolved Education's Executive Function Coaching Training and Support


Special Education Tutoring from Learning Specialists K-12, Reading Specialists K-12, Math Specialists K-12

Educators are matched with students and Independently work with students on their Evolved Education Support Plan


Parent Advocates, IEP & 504 & FBA Consultations, Study Skills and Organization Family Consultations



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