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SAT & ACT Test Preparation at Evolved Education

Our program


  • Data driven -- The test is standardized, but our preparation program is not. Our data collection sets us apart from other test preparation companies because we take time to understand each student's academic experience, learning style, school environment, family environment, as well as their social, emotional and physical development. It is only after we have administered an academic assessment as well as a through intake that we construct a test preparation program for your student.


  • Customized -- Each preparation program is tailored to meet the needs of the student and his or her family. We offer lessons a la carte, in packages or semi-private. We work with your schedule and match students with educators who meet their academic and personal needs.


  • Whole child--  Our educators are part of a larger team of whole child test preparation experts. The educators are experienced in tutoring for the test, always producing a high points captured rate. They exhibit success year after year in their instruction and thoroughly enjoy working with students on developing mastery of the test. Their aim is to create successful test preparation experiences for students while also teaching students to care for their whole selves.


A comprehensive program includes excellent test preparation protocols along with any of the following: learning to learn, study tactics, time management, mindfulness to help improve focus and concentration, advice on how to minimize social distraction during preparation time, and ways to develop and maintain a growth mindset.


  • Partnering with Families-  We provide comprehensive support to each family in the form of information, consultations and progress reports.


  • Results - We ensure that your student will reach his or her potential.

The SAT and ACT Tests




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EEC offers private and semi-private lessons to prepare for the SAT and/or ACT.


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