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April 2016

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Introducing the Evolved Education Company:

This Innovative Tutoring and Education Consulting Company is Changing How Children and Their Parents are Educated


The Evolved Education Company works in three interdependent realms: it is a full-service pre-k through college tutoring and education consulting company; it is a provider of support to students, families and educational institutions worldwide; and, it is the creator and implementor of The Whole Child Paradigm.


The Manhattan-based private tutoring and education consulting company is the culmination of founder, Mary E. Miele’s eighteen plus years of experience as a K-12 Learning Specialist and Education Consultant in collaboration with a team of the best professionals in the fields of education, tutoring and education consulting. Miele is on a mission to provide families with the best education-trained consultants and tutors; with EEC, Miele ensures families have professionals who are qualified to provide school support services.


The team at EEC recognizes that parents are often only involved in their child’s schooling as the enforcers of routines and homework. As a result, parents and children find themselves frustrated and in need of support, but not sure where to turn. Worse even is when parents are seeking support and do not know how to navigate the school system, what rights they have, which questions to ask and to whom. Miele enthuses, “I needed to start a company that could change how children are educated, and also a company that could be an all-encompassing support system. We partner with parents, teachers, coaches, other tutors - anyone involved in the student’s life.” This paradigm does not exist elsewhere. Miele explains, “I did not see it at Kumon, Huntington, Sylvan, Mathnasium, The Princeton Review, and Kaplan nor at any other test preparation/tutoring company in NYC. The Whole Child Paradigm I have developed allows us to unlock the potential for every child throughout their pre-k through college experience.”


EEC takes pride in its teaching community and ensures a family’s investment of time and money is protected as they employ only top-notch professionals. Tutors are carefully selected and are skilled, passionate and Whole Child educators. EEC acknowledges and respects all levels of parent involvement in a child's education. Support is available to parents and students as per their needs. The educators at EEC foster relationships with their families that extend from Pre-K thru 12 and beyond.


EEC offers a comprehensive package of academic consulting and support programs in the following categories for pre-k through college: school and college admissions; parental development presentations, including information for parents of students with special needs; enrichment programs and summer activities; test preparation tutoring and classes; tutor professional development opportunities; headhunting services for schools and families worldwide; academic evaluation and education law referrals; scholarship  and internship program search.


One of the company’s core values is to cultivate relationships with like-minded companies and businesses putting them in a position to be able to address their families’ every need. Miele’s mission is to implement the Whole Child Paradigm into every tutoring and consulting company and into every school. “By viewing the total education process for our students, we can get to the root of their challenges AND use areas of strength to cultivate skill, understanding and confidence. My prediction is that this paradigm will become a core component of every child’s education, simply because it works!”


The Whole Child Paradigm is a model of five components and has revolutionized one-to-one tutoring and education consulting. Founder, Mary Miele explains, “Before making any program recommendations or tutor matches, we learn about and evaluate a student’s Academic History, Learning Style, School Environment, Family Culture and Values, and Physical-Social-Emotional-Academic Quotient.” EEC’s support for each member of their community, whether the student is in a one-to-one, small-group, large-group, online or in-person program, is individualized. Each child, family and school is unique and the Whole Child Paradigm allows the EEC team to recognize and honor one’s distinctive strengths and challenges.


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Media interviews are available with the Founder Mary E. Miele and with other members of The Evolved Education Leadership and Contractors. For inquiries, please contact Gina Rotundo at 917-921-2818.