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An invaluable tool to help students to not only write down what they have to do, but also to plan out when they will complete their work.

This planner will help students to be successful. It is beautifully designed - and it has accounted for all important aspects of academic planning.

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Planner 2018

Created by The Evolved Education Company


This planner has three main planning pieces, which are necessary to help students to organize their work.


  • The first is the subject area planning - where students write in their assignments and due dates
  • The second is the time blocks - where students write what they will do after school
  • The third is the monthly calendar view - where students record long-term projects and plans as well as social, family and personal obligations and activities


The result of this planner is that students will be aware of what they need to do, have a plan for when they will complete their work, and gain an understanding of what larger pieces of time look like and what they need to plan for in the longer term.


Interspersed within the planner are pages which teach students about how to plan, how to organize, how to study, as well as tips on writing and math. Students are taught how to plan out their summer work as well.


The planner is clean, durable, and functional, and students can use it to become successful students!