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Argo Brothers Publications

Preparation is an essential, popular notion, which the most successful among us understand as necessary. Argo Brothers offers educators and students access to well-organized, user-friendly Common Core curriculum and test preparation materials in various mediums. Using their books allows us at The Evolved Education Company to utilize and implement the necessary curriculum so as to best prepare our students for mastery of Common Core modules and standardized state tests. With the understanding that no one piece of curriculum can possibly serve every student, The Argo Brothers have created an incredibly valuable resource for educators. The Argo test preparation books follow the Common Core Standards and approaches problems from a variety of perspectives thereby ensuring students achieve a well-rounded understanding of the concepts being taught.

The Book Blossoms

Visit EEC each Fall and Spring at the Book Blossom's Fairs on the Upper East Side. The Book Blossoms and The Book Buds is a company that creates unique book clubs for all children with the goal of nurturing a child’s natural love of reading through a variety of fun and creative activities and discussions. Unlike traditional book clubs, The Book Blossoms focuses on the whole child, incorporating the Arts such as dance, drama, art and of course reading and writing. By creating this multimodal program, children have the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways and discover their voice and individuality.

Creative Speech Therapy NYC

EEC refers clients to Creative Speech Therapy NYC. Rachael Rose M.S. CCC-SLP, TSSLD is a nationally certified and state licensed speech-language therapist with a lifelong devotion to help children communicate. She has 14 years of experience working with children with a variety of speech/language and feeding needs including articulation, apraxia, autism spectrum, and language. Rachael has a passion for creativity and using that creativity to tailor her therapy to each child's strengths, needs, and interests. Her aim is to make therapy so much fun that the children forget they are even learning new skills. She is PROMPT trained and has 10 years of experience working in schools writing assessment reports as well as measurable goals/objectives within the IEP team. She has significant experience as part of an IEP team and has a working knowledge of the entire IEP process.

NYC Admissions Solutions

 NYC Admissions Solutions is a respected and trusted independent resource for NYC high school admissions. Maurice Frumkin fosters peace of mind and confidence by providing personalized, affordable and accurate expertise to middle school families seeking placement in NYC high schools. Maurice Frumkin and EEC's Founder, Mary E. Miele often partner to provide families with consulting for the high school admissions process and can be found speaking with parents across New York City.

The Mindful Advantage

We at EEC realize that balancing the stresses of school, work, life and family can be difficult. Former Wall Street executive and NYC parent, Jim Posner, founded The Mindful Advantage to help busy students, parents and professionals find that balance. Mindfulness is clinically proven to lower stress and anxiety, enhance focus and cognition, promote better communication, improve interpersonal relationships and build an overall better sense of well-being. Jim partners with schools, parents, and professionals from various industries to teach them how to incorporate Mindfulness into work and daily activities so they can achieve the above benefits and live a happier, more integrated life.

Social City

Social City runs social skills groups in multiple locations throughout New York City, including the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, West Village, Tribeca and Brooklyn. Social City meets with each family for an initial consultation to determine if they have an appropriate group, and if so, which group is most appropriate. Once groups are formed, a unique curriculum is created for each group based on the students' individual goals and areas of need. Groups are run by speech and language therapists with a high student to staff ratio. Social City runs on a 10-week semester during the winter, spring and fall, and a 6-week semester during summer.

A specific social skill is covered each week and therapists write e-mail summaries of sessions highlighting the target skill, activities and games used to reinforce the target skill, specific language used, as well as recommendations for carry-over work to reinforce skills in the child’s natural environment. A trip is built into the semester to allow for generalization of learned skills.

Enrollment closes after the first two weeks of each semester in order to ensure consistency, build upon previously learned skills, and maintain the dynamics of each group. The children form friendships and Social City believes it is important that the children can expect to come back to the same safe and comforting environment each week.

Theraplay NYC

Visit us during education information sessions in the fall, winter and spring at Theraplay NYC! Theraplay is a specialized sensory gym and therapy clinic providing pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and play therapy. Theraplay believes that all children are unique and deserve a treatment plan that is specific to their individual needs using fun and play to facilitate function and progress. Theraplay was created to offer a unique, fun and professional treatment space outside of the standard in-school therapy sessions. They offer an interactive play space that caters to all children and their parents.

Zaniac Upper East

Zaniac is a premium provider of After-School and camp enrichment programs focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).  At Zaniac, K-8 grade kids discover math and technology and just how much fun learning can be.  Zaniac’s forward-thinking approach allows students to grasp math and logic concepts, which are fundamental to skills like computer programming, in a way that feels like play.  Game-Based Learning using Minecraft (TM )capitalizes on the love kids already have for the game to teach concepts ranging from biology to physics.  We use modular LEGO systems designed for education in our robotics courses to bridge the gap between theory and practice in engineering.  Zaniac’s courses teach 21st century skills and ignite every child’s imagination.



Please find a list of our favorite authors and resources for parents, students and educators. Do you think we have forgotten someone or something? Email your suggestions to

ADDitude Magazine

A web site that offers a plethora of informative and helpful articles and resources for those who have ADD and Learning Disabilities. Whether you are a parent of a child with ADD/ADHD or LD or an adult with ADD/ADHD or LD, you will find helpful information on their website.

Community College Review

This site offers a searchable college database and comparison tool plus a helpful blog with articles about college life, financing college, and information on community college education.

Daniel Pink

Daniel H. Pink is the author of five provocative books — including three long-running New York Times bestsellers, A Whole New Mind, Drive, and To Sell is Human. His articles on business and technology appear in many publications, and his TED Talk on the science of motivation is one of the 10 most-watched TED Talks of all time, with more than 19 million views. His writing addresses the many facets of human behavior and we believe should absolutely influence how we educate children. Parents and educators alike will benefit from and enjoy his books.

The Greedy Triangle

Marilyn Burns gets the Evolved Seal of Approval because she is our Math Idol!  She knows how to make math learning fun and engaging! Her site is here and check out some of her children's books too — we especially love The Greedy Triangle

Late, Lost and Unprepared

Written by Cooper-Kahn and Dietzel, this is our favorite book on the subject of Executive Functioning. If someone you know is struggling with executive functioning skills, we recommend you buy this book, read it and give us a call!

Dr. Robert Brooks

Dr. Brooks has lectured nationally and internationally to audiences of parents, educators, mental health professionals, and business people on topics pertaining to motivation, resilience, family relationships, the qualities of effective leaders and executives, and balancing personal and professional lives. Dr. Brooks encourages everyone to find their “island of competence,” areas that represent strengths and are sources of pride. He is the author or co-author of sixteen books.



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