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 Our Methodology

The Evolved Education Paradigm is a coordinated intervention strategy that lays out a path to achieve balance between the efforts of parents and educators. The paradigm and individualized student education plan covers a variety of tailored strategies for academic success. This personalized strategy makes learning easier for the child, including improving their time management skills and teaching them to become an expert in scheduling, cultivating discipline and motivation, and strengthening their communication skills. We use information about the child’s academic history,  learning style, and the school environment to inform our strategies, and look at complimenting ways to help a child to manage their school environment, family values, goals,  resources. Finally,  we look at ways to attend to a child’s social-emotional-physical-academic development as guiding criteria and variables to their individualized plan.


The Evolved Education Paradigm creates a student’s profile and multi-disciplinary support plan by considering the essential components of a student’s education experience. Students greatly benefit from a student profile and multi-disciplinary school support plan by having attention and care given within all areas of this paradigm. The SEPAQ (Social-Emotional-Physical-Academic-Quotient) is a multiple-choice inventory of 30 questions used to measure the total education process and demonstrate how a student functions socially, emotionally and physically.  After the SEPAQ score is determined, teachers and parents can work together to address areas of challenge, helping each student to reach their full academic potential.


Our methodology is outlined in our book, Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators by Mary E. Miele and Deanna Hyslop.

The Evolved Education Paradigm

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Academic History

Learning Style

What has been your child’s educational experience? What records contain information regarding the child’s academic history? What does your child know how to do well? What are their areas of challenge? How knowledgeable is your child about the core content covered in the pre-kindergarten  through college experience?

What is your child’s learning style? How well does your child organize, study and manage time? How strong are their executive functioning skills, including planning, organizing, prioritizing and using information to solve problems? Are they disciplined and motivated?

With the complete assessment of all aspects of the student’s Evolved Education Paradigm,  we are able to uncover each student's learning potential, and create individualized learning support programs and education consulting, ensuring each child evolves into a successful student.

School Environment

Family Environment


What is your child’s experience with learning once they return home? How do they managing independent work? What are your family’s values and goals for education? What resources does your family allocate and utilize to support your children as they learn and to produce work?

How is your child’s physical health? Are they developing socially? How well are they managing test-taking stress and general anxiety? Are they appropriately dealing with and expressing emotions, building self-confidence, reducing stress, and using  mindfulness?

How successfully do they function at school? How do they organize themselves throughout the school day ? Do they follow the rules? Do they have healthy socialization and  balance their social life and school responsibilities well?