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 Mission of EEC

The Evolved Education Company's mission is to partner with families to provide the education support necessary to unlock each student's academic potential. We help families to gather information, put the pieces of learning together, and set up meaningful academic support services with the best possible educator and/or consultant.

Our Mission at Evolved Education


EEC partners with experts who provide services for families and schools with students starting in pre-kindergarten through college. The EEC team includes early childhood educators, reading and math specialists, learning specialists, academic tutors in all subjects, test preparation instructors, school consultants, school placement professionals, education therapists, parent coaches, college counselors, and executive function coaches. These professionals come to work at EEC because they believe in supporting schools, and they wish to use the Evolved Education Paradigm to empower students and families to reach their

full potential.

Our tutors, who provide both one-to-one lessons and small group lessons, uncover the talents and strengths of students to overcome areas of challenge. They not only provide top-level academic support and/or test preparation, but they also teach students individualized strategies to help them develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Our consultants work to provide the most essential information and guidance throughout the education process. Whether providing school placement consultations, special education advisement or college counseling, we work with every family to provide a customized program which meets the needs of the family and student.

Our information sessions, presentations and publications serve to inform the public about our work. We speak about how families and schools can support the development of the whole child in an empowering way. In addition, we wish to celebrate and to highlight the work of educators and other professionals who are doing important work within social, emotional, physical and academic learning.



We recognize the importance of meeting the individual needs of families and students. Individualization, customization and innovation are the cornerstones of the services provided. EEC is always evolving its programming and services to keep up with the ever changing landscape of education.

We are dedicated to changing the dialogue around tutoring support. We know the academic results of students are the symptoms of a child’s social, emotional, physical and academic development. For instance, when a student is earning all As, this does not necessarily mean that a child is thriving as a whole person. He or she may be sacrificing social, emotional or physical health to achieve academic success. The mission we have within our tutoring and small class offerings is to provide each student with strategies to get As, while also learning how to be a healthy person overall. On the contrary, a student who is struggling with academics, may need strategies to overcome challenges within the social-emotional-physical realms.

We know families need education consultations which are customized and individualized. Some families wish to have information on schools which can meet the needs of their child and family. Other families need more involved support around the boarding school application process. They wish to learn about schools, have help with the application process and have test preparation. By being flexible, we are able to provide support which is meaningful to every family.

There is great value in sharing the information we know with families who are trying their best to support their children to thrive in school. We work hard to empower our educators and consultants as well as partner companies to provide presentations, classes and discussions about topics relevant to our community. The information we provide is always evolving, innovative and relevant.

We wish to foster a relationship with families throughout the Pre-Kindergarten through College process. We believe it is helpful to have a company to go to at any point in this journey who will work to celebrate the education process for each family and their child(ren).




Founder & President of The Evolved Education Company

Learning & Education Specialist & Consultant (K-12)

Education Matchmaker


Mary E. Miele is the founder and president of The Evolved Education Company (EEC), an innovative private tutoring and education consulting service that focuses on the total education process and prioritizes the complete assessment of all aspects of the student’s Evolved Education Paradigm, which involves examining each student’s academic history, learning style, school and home environment and social, emotional, and physical development to ensure the very best possible school support.

As an educator, parent, consultant, tutor, and activist, Ms. Miele is involved in every aspect of the New York City educational system, both public and private sectors. Since 1998, she has taught students in areas of math, reading and writing. Ms. Miele supervises special education residents at Hunter College and maintains a vast network of business-to business relationships with like-minded companies and educators. Currently as president of EEC, Ms. Miele works closely with teachers and specialists to support them in their roles with families while also working with many students, families and schools within executive function coaching, education consulting and test preparation programming. Ms. Miele's passion lies in the behind-the-scenes work that parents and educators do with children to ensure academic, emotional, social and physical health and success, and as such, she also works closely with parents, helping them to support their children's education. Ms. Miele holds a wealth of information about every education setting and process and helps families with school placement, learning specialty, and matching families with best fit educators to support every academic need at every age, pre-kindergarten through college.

Ms. Miele is a champion of providing quality tutoring and education consulting support during her 20+ year career in education, and with the creation of the Evolved Education Paradigm, she is a pioneer in the industry. In using the Evolved Education Paradigm, Ms. Miele can gather the information needed to set up effective tutoring programs and use her knowledge of education and connection to quality educators to match every student with the best possible educator and support program. In her role as Education Matchmaker, Ms. Miele, has effectively helped hundreds of thousands of students to realize their academic potential.

Ms. Miele is the author of Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators. She holds a BS and MA from New York University Steinhardt School of Education and is a certified K-12 Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist in New York State and New York City. She is a recipient of a Curriculum Grant Award from The Spence School, an Impact II Grant Award as well as a speaker at The ACO International Confernece 2017, The NYU Women's Initiative, NYC Admissions Solutions, Theraplay NYC, and various NYC Parent Associations. Mary resides in New York City with her husband, Trevor Miele, and their three children, Bryce, Trent and Alexis.


Director of Evolved International

Director of School Placement Services and Special Programming



As Director of Evolved International, Gina oversees all tutoring and consulting for families who are coming to the United States or who are already residing in the States and are looking to improve their knowledge of the English language, American culture, and American workplace practices. Gina  specializes in foreign language acquisition for children, adolescents and adults. Ms. Rotundo has twenty years of practical experience working with students in grades Pre-K through College as well as working professionals. In addition, Ms. Rotundo worked as the Academic Director of two language schools, The Darby School of Languages in Rome, Italy and Rennert Bilingual in New York City and has successfully started, owned and operated her own businesses since 2005.


As Director of School Placement Services , Ms. Rotundo works closely with families to find best fit schools. She provides information about school process time lines and works closely with our partner school counselors to provide families with everything they need during the application process for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, middle school, high school and college admissions.


Gina helps families to navigate the school application and admissions process. She helps families to prepare for interviews, writing samples and portfolios. She creates small group classes to help students prepare for group interviews. Gina also successfully advises families on how to prepare an application and customizes her support to fit the needs of individual families.


Gina also directs special programs such as small group classes, presentations and publications. She helps students with editing and writing instruction. In addition, Gina  is one of the editors for Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators. Gina resides in Manhattan with her husband and two school-aged children.


Child Behavior Specialist and Consultant at EEC




Deanna Hyslop is a child behavior specialist and licensed and board certified behavior analyst. She assesses and treats learning, behavior, social and emotional regulation skills of children and adolescents. Instead of aiming to change a child in a particular manner,

Deanna focuses on teaching the skills necessary to harness his or her unique strengths, cope with difficulties and promote independence. She provides coaching for children with ADHD and children who experience difficulties with executive function, social skills and emotion regulation, as well as behavioral therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder. Deanna’s methodology incorporates the child as a leader in each step of the process in developing skills. This enables her clients to learn the skills necessary to become more self-aware of their learning styles and needs, as well as which systems serve them best and how to independently create systems in the future. She works closely with the entire family and provides parent training on the child’s individualized plan. Deanna also fully collaborates with doctors, teachers and others who work with her clients to provide more specialized and comprehensive treatment for the child, as well as support for the school and family. She is a certified provider for UCLA-PEERS ® , an evidence-based social skills intervention, and provides parent-assisted social skills treatment for children and young adults who face social difficulties. She is advancing her expertise in executive function and ADHD interventions by obtaining additional certification in ADDCA Advanced and Family programs and she is also the co-author of the guidebook Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators.



Early Childhood Developmental Psychologist

Specializing in the Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Development in Children



Lynn Rothstein is an early childhood developmental psychologist, specializing in the early cognitive and socio-emotional development of children.

She brings this broad perspective to the field of test preparation of young children and test skill development of students through the middle school years. Building upon the child and student’s cognitive potential, Lynn focuses on an integrated three-part preparation process: 1) assessing and developing the content area knowledge the child needs for the tests; 2) emphasizing the test-taking skills themselves which are required even of the youngest children; 3) and building upon the cognitive flexibility which is an underlying skill for success. Supporting and stretching the child’s test-taking stamina, is integral to this overall and comprehensive approach.

Lynn has a passion for the early and middle-school years of child development, supporting and building upon the child's cognitive potential. Each child is unique in the blend of temperament and skills, and her interactive approach to the work with the child is a special opportunity to empower the child to be well equipped to handle these early tests and challenges. She brings a patient professional style to her interactions with the children, and gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments. The children and students she works with should know that they can do it!

Lynn also provides the highest quality experience for the family, parents and caregivers participating in the test preparation and tutoring process, bringing an informed perspective to this somewhat mystifying process for the family. They should always look forward to the next session’s experience, debriefs and updated reports.

With an undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology from Barnard College, Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Cornell University, her early work focused on the symbolic play development and early language acquisition of young children.  Lynn has twenty years of experience in early childhood programs, developmental psychology research, and higher education admissions and administration, including the longitudinal developmental testing of children from 12 months through age 6, along with observational research work.  In her career she has also held senior professional positions in the philanthropic leadership of major New York City institutions, including those which have an impact on children and families.


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