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Founder & President of The Evolved Education Company

Learning & Education Specialist & Consultant (K-12)

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Mary E. Miele is the Founder and President of The Evolved Education Company (EEC), an innovative private tutoring and education consulting service that focuses on the total education process. EEC prioritizes the complete assessment of all aspects of a student’s Evolved Education Paradigm, which involves examining academic history, learning style, school and home environment, and social, emotional, and physical development in order to ensure the very best possible educational support.

As an educator, parent, consultant, tutor, and activist, Ms. Miele is involved in every aspect of both the public and private sectors of the New York City education system. Since 1998, she has taught students in areas of math, reading and writing. Ms. Miele supervises special education residents at Hunter College and maintains a vast network of business-to business relationships with like-minded companies and educators. Currently as President of EEC, Ms. Miele works closely with teachers and specialists to support them in their roles with families, while also working with many students, families and schools within executive function coaching, education consulting and test preparation programming. Ms. Miele's passion lies in the behind-the-scenes work that parents and educators do with children to ensure academic, emotional, social and physical health and success, and as such, she also works closely with parents to help them to support their children's education. Ms. Miele holds a wealth of information about every education setting and process, and helps families with school placement, learning specialty, and matching families with the best educators to support academic their needs at every age, pre-kindergarten through college.

Ms. Miele is a champion of providing quality tutoring and education consulting support during her 20+ year career in education, and with the creation of the Evolved Education Paradigm, she is a pioneer in the industry. In using the Evolved Education Paradigm, Ms. Miele can her educational expertise and connections to quality educators to match every student with the best possible consultant and support program. In her role as Education Consultant, Ms. Miele, has effectively helped hundreds of thousands of students to realize their academic potential.

Ms. Miele is the author of Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and Educators. She holds a BS and MA from New York University Steinhardt School of Education and is a certified K-12 Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist in New York State and New York City. She is a recipient of a Curriculum Grant Award from The Spence School, an Impact II Grant Award as well as a speaker at The ACO International Conference 2017, The NYU Women's Initiative, NYC Admissions Solutions, Theraplay NYC, and various NYC Parent Associations. Mary resides in New York City with her husband, Trevor Miele, and their three children, Bryce, Trent and Alexis.