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Evolved Education uses a whole-child approach to help families set up meaningful academic support services with the best educational specialists. During our extensive intake process, we gather information about your child's academic history and learning style within the context of school and home environments along with an inventory of your child's social, emotional and physical development. This process allows us to account for absolutely every aspect of the academic process, ensuring we create successful support programs from pre-kindergarten through college.  Our methodology is outlined in our book Supporting School, A Guidebook for Parents and Educators by Mary Miele and Deanna Hyslop.




Evolved Education serves students, families, and schools from pre-kindergarten through college.


  • We serve students at public, private, independent, parochial, and charter schools


  • Evolved provides consulting for UPreK, G&T, private or public school admission processes, specialized school admissions, college admissions


  • Our comprehensive set of tutoring services includes early childhood, reading and math remediation, study skills, test preparation, executive functioning, and specific services for students with learning disabilities including ADHD, anxiety, autism, social skills or processing delays


  • Families use our expertise to better support their students as we help them prepare for college, shop for school supplies, gain life skills, and learn to organize their schedules




The Evolved Education team includes early childhood educators, reading and math specialists, learning specialists, academic tutors in all subjects, test preparation instructors, school consultants, school placement professionals, education therapists, parent coaches, college counselors, and executive functioning coaches. These professionals choose to work with Evolved Education because they wish to use the Evolved Education paradigm, which Mary Miele developed with educator Deanna Hyslop in the book Supporting School: A Guidebook for Parents and EducatorsThis Paradigm serves to empower students and families to reach their full potential.


Our educators provide one-to- one instruction and small group lessons in order to help students uncover their talents and overcome their challenge areas. In addition to providing top-level academic support and test preparation, educators teach individualized strategies to encourage students’ social, emotional, and academic development.


Our goal is to provide top-level support by partnering with educators who can help us unlock each student's learning potential.



Student progress is tracked qualitatively via confidential written reports from educators to parents.


Quantitatively, our students improve scores on standardized tests, on grades in school, and in the SEPAQ inventory. When unexpected results occur, we examine the many variables that affect student performance and work with families and students to develop new approaches to evolve a student to meet his or her potential.